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Are you a woman considering getting back out there in the career world? Have you just graduated, or taken a break from work, only to find yourself ready to start over again in a new job? If so, check out Women for Hire. This site, which was created in 1999, focuses on career fairs, networking, and seminars-including an online job board-to connect those looking for employers and professional women working in all fields.

This fall, Women for Hire will be hosting career expos in numerous cities, including LA, New York, Atlanta, and Chicago. The site writes that since its inception, Women for Hire has heard from over 10,000 women who have been hired through the attendance of one of these expos, so if you are looking for a new career, you might want to check out their services. The site offers information about these expos and about previous events as well.

Founder Tory Johnson began her venture in a corner of her small NY City apartment with her twins in tow. She called employers and asked them to participate in her career expo, which was held in New York. Fifty employers and a thousand women showed up, including Star Jones. A few months later Tory held the second expo and just one year after her first began a national expansion, hosting events in both Boston and Chicago.
Now Women for Hire Network boasts a membership that exceeds 15,000. Not bad for someone who started in the corner of her apartment!

Events like these are great for women who wish to return to work and who need assistance finding a new job. Other places in which you can search for employment include local job fairs, career expos and of course the old classified ads in the newspaper. If you are interested in attending an expo or career fair, you might consider contacting a local college, as they often hold events for recent graduates.

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