Wood Stamp Storage and Organization Tips

Wooden stamps have been around a very long time, long before scrapbookers were using them in their albums. So how do you store these little wooden items? It isn’t as cut and dry as the acrylic stamps since wooden stamps tend to take up so much more space, and if you have a lot you are looking at some serious space needs.

For years I have been looking for that perfect solution, but long ago I realized that it is totally a personal choice. So what might work for me, might not work for you and so forth. Here is a collection of ideas from a variety of scrapbookers on how they store their wooden stamps.

One scrapbooker suggests unmounting your wooden stamps and storing the unmounted rubber in CD cases or a binder with page protectors.

If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can purchase plastic photo frames and store your wood mounted stamps inside that.

Another scrapbooker shared a unique idea she found on the Internet years ago. She took the side off a very old crib (since they are unsafe) and removed the hardware. She then mounted the side on her wall and she displays her stamps on the wooden slats, as a mini shelf. She painted it and it actually looks great.

Here are a few other ideas I have collected in my organizing endeavor:

* Hanging shoe organizers can be used for a smaller variety of wooden stamps. The ease of slipping them in and seeing what you have is a nice touch.

* Many stampers purchase DVD or CD cabinets and put them inside, stacked much the same way you can see at the stores.

* Fishing tackle boxes or workshop drawer units are another way to store stamps, however if you have many large sized stamps this method might not work for you.

* Bookshelves and wall shelves are another quick method of organizing wooden stamps.

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