Woo for a Buck or Two: Cheap and Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

I think a lot of women are like me when it comes to Valentine’s Day or other special events. I’m definitely not averse to giving and receiving gifts, but what I really want from my sweetheart is a gesture that shows some thought, planning, and creativity. Really, I want to know that my husband has put some thought into our special day. Instead of spending lots of money on a fancy gift, a big bouquet of flowers, or an expensive night out, I’d rather he was a little more creative.

Take some time in planning what to do for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. You might choose to buy one gift and then do something else that is creative and unique. Here are some inexpensive ideas to add a unique flair to this year’s Valentine’s Day:

 Set up a secluded picnic somewhere that won’t be interrupted. Be creative and thoughtful when choosing which foods you will eat. Have everything all ready for your sweetheart beforehand. Tell him or her that you are both going out for a romantic dinner and your sweetheart will be surprised when you arrive at the secret location and find your beautiful spread. This idea can be much more romantic and fun than just going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. And by the way, it’ll cost you a lot less too.

 Add an extra special touch to a Valentine card by sending it to a romantic-sounding city for a special postmark. There are quite a few cities in the country that will postmark your card as a service. Loveland, Colorado receives about 300,000 Valentines each year. The post office stamps them with a special Valentine’s Day cancellation and poem and then re-mails them. Go to Loveland’s website for details. There are many other cities across the country that will also do this service. For a list of some of these cities, click here.

 Surprise your spouse by finding a babysitter for the kids on the night of Valentine’s Day. If you can persuade a relative to watch the children for free, you’ll save a bundle. Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekday, it might be easier to find a relative that is not planning on going out for Valentine’s Day until the weekend. Once you have someone to watch your kids, just spend a romantic night together with dinner, dancing, or whatever.

Hopefully these ideas will get you started thinking about special ways to surprise the one you love.