Words of Encouragement

Since moving and after getting my arm out of plaster, I have joined tennis club. Being competitive by nature, I am pleased that the people in this tennis club are all players of a good standard, who enjoy the strategy and competitiveness of tennis. It may be social but everyone is out on the court to win the game.

That’s not to say that it is not carried on in an attitude of sportsmanship and friendliness. It is common for those on the opposite side of the net to acknowledge a good shot and offer words of encouragement.

Today on my Friends calendar, a Day Brightener product from Garborg’s, the message is ‘The happiness of life is made up of little things- a smile, a hug, a moment of shared laughter’ Let me add to it, words of encouragement.

Yesterday I read a blog and thought how sad it is when people do not encourage and support each other, whether it is in their chosen vocation or job, in using their talents or gifts, pursing their dreams, or whether it is in the little things like acknowledging a tennis shot. My first day at this tennis club, I was extremely nervous hoping I would be up to the standard of the others and not make a fool of myself.

I was quickly put at ease by the friendliness and encouraging words from others. The situation is similar at the choir I belong to. Most importantly, at the church my husband and I have joined, people are quick to encourage when someone has read the bible well, or prayed a meaningful prayer or given a review of a helpful Christian book or led the singing well.

Of course, our minister or pastor should not be forgotten. His is a hard job and he needs our encouragement to keep on making time to read God’s Word, to spend time with the Lord and listen to what God is saying to him so that he can then teach us. When was the last time you encouraged your pastor and thanked him for some encouraging, thought-provoking, or perhaps challenging, message he brought you from God’s Word? Why not give him a call or send him an email or tell him next time you see him just how good a job he’s doing.

And while we’re at it, don’t forget those who serve in other ways, through music or teaching Sunday school or by helping on the morning tea roster. A few words of encouragement can make all the difference.

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