Working Part-Time Offers the Best of Both Worlds

It’s an age-old argument, whether it’s better to be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom. While we may never come to a final agreement, there is another type of mother in the mix that often gets left out of the conflict…it’s the part-time working mother.

I read an article from “Medline Plus” that mentioned new research finding that mothers who work part-time do a better job at balancing their careers and nurturing their children.

Specifically this study found that mothers who work part-time were more involved in their children’s school, more sensitive with their preschool children and provide more learning opportunities for their toddlers.

For a few years I worked part-time as a preschool teacher. I really did have the best of both worlds. I was able to drive my children to school, go to my job and when my work day was done, go pick my children up.

Part-time work is not only good for mothers but it’s cost-friendly to employers. They usually
don’t provide benefits or if they do, it’s a lower cost than for full-time employees.

Not everyone can afford part-time work. Some mothers are in a situation where they don’t have a choice but to work full-time. But I think if it is at all possible, it would be the most ideal situation.

Stay-at-home moms sometimes complain that they don’t feel fulfilled, whereas part-time work can help with that. Full-time working moms sometimes complain they don’t get quality time with their children, whereas part-time work allows for that.

I’ve pretty much done it all. Even though I wouldn’t trade the time I spent as a stay-at-home mom, I can say that the best scenario (besides what I have now which is working from home), is when I worked part-time. I felt less guilty as a mom and more fulfilled.

What do you think is the best scenario?

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