Working With Page Titles

Page titles are not necessarily a must have element on your scrapbooking page, but they can definitely help set the tone and mood of your layouts. Not all scrapbooking layouts call for a title either, but adding one can be super easy and loads of fun.

So where can you come up with page titles? One of my favorite ways to title a page is by using the title of a song or a lyric from a song. For one of my daughter’s birthday layouts from when she was quite young, I used “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To.” She is crying looking down at her cake in the photograph and when people see the photo, they giggle, and then they see the page title and it always elicits a laugh from anyone who sees it.

Another great resource for page titles can simply be the place the event occurred. A page titled “Mount Rushmore” certainly conveys the message about what the page is about. Or “Ryan’s 8th Birthday” signifies in a definitive manner, what that layout is of.

Simple titles can be fun too. For instance a page titled “At The Beach” tells where you are and obviously would show photographs from a trip to the beach. You can also embellish a page around your title too. That makes thinking of page titles even more fun.

There is no rule to title placement, some of my favorite layouts do not have the page title across the top of the page. Usually I find layouts where the title goes down the side of the page, or inside the journaling block or is randomly placed on the layout the most interesting to me. Those are the layouts that are fun and creative and help the title blend into the page. Placing the title across the top is a totally acceptable method and I do it quite often too. It just depends on the mood I am in or the mood I am trying to set with my layout.

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