Working With Scraps: Part Two

Earlier I discussed tips for using your paper scraps, now I’m going to focus on using up the other scraps you have: stickers, ribbon and fibers. When you are on a budget, you really need to focus on using what you have before purchasing all the latest and greatest products.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the products out on the market and the new stuff they come out with practically daily. I’m not about to tell you not to buy anything new. In fact, I’m notorious for finding new products and bringing them home. Of course, then they sit. Why? Because I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do with half of them, they just looked cool.

I didn’t purchase them with a page or theme in mind. I just bought them – and since everyone’s talking about them, obviously they are the rage, so I just needed them. Right? Wrong. That’s probably half my problem right there.

My scrapbook area is overflowing with all kinds of things I can incorporate into my layouts before buying anything new. Is your area overrun by scraps and such too? Here are a few ideas to help you use those scraps.

Tips for Ribbon and Fiber:

  • Use smaller pieces of ribbon or fiber to stick out from behind photos. Run the ribbon to the edge of the page, giving the illusion that it’s actually the full length of the page, or leave as is.
  • Use multiple pieces of coordinating bits of ribbon or fibers to add a border or add to the title.
  • Tie bows with the pieces and glue to your page in various spots.
  • Use small pieces on cards, tags, or to “hang” tags, a journal box or a title.
  • Use them on Serendipity Squares. In fact any type of scrap is good on a serendipity square.

Tips for Sticker Remnants:

  • Use the collage look and pull the letters off different sheets, sizes and colors and create the word you want. Organization Tip: When there are only a few letters left on my sticker sheet I cut the remaining letters out and file them in an embellishment box by letter.
  • You can also ALTER the stickers to make them work better for your page if you don’t have enough.
  • The same technique can be applied to the letters stickers using inks, sandpaper or other methods.
  • Use them for serendipity squares, just cut them up and you’re set. You can use these for paper and ribbon scraps as well.
  • Use the negative shape to create a new sticker. This is great if you run out of a certain letter. Choose the letters you want, cutting around the shape of the letter – I recommend leaving them on the wax paper. Arrange the letters the way you want on a piece of patterned paper or colored cardstock. You can then color on the inside or add some inks or chalks. You will have a cool title and you can coordinate it better with your page.

I hope these ideas help get your creative juices flowing. If you have comments or think of an idea I forgot, please feel free to share!