Would You Give Birth On The Internet?

The list of events that people choose to broadcast live on the internet is growing. A perfect example is an acquaintance of mine who broadcast his wedding via live feed on his blog for all his readers to see. I also recall a local celebrity switching on a web cam in his apartment for hours at at time, Ed TV style, (though I don’t remember why.) People are putting more and more of their personal lives out there on the internet for everyone to see. Sharing personal stories through “vlogging” (video blogging) is about to hit a whole new level. A 23-year-old teacher named Lynsee from Minnesota is going to be streaming the birth of her first child live from the Twin Cities’ Moms Like Me website. She’s due any time now.

It’s interesting to me that this woman is opening up such a personal experience to the public. When I had my son, I only had my husband in the room. I couldn’t even let my mom or my sister watch because I was apprehensive about it becoming a little too intense or scary. I am one of those women who is “fine” until I hear my mom’s voice on the phone and I start crying. Would I be able to keep it together if something happened and I saw their reactions? I think it would be even worse with a camera in the room. I don’t think I could maintain the focus necessary to get through the painful contractions. I would be self conscious about nursing my baby right away when there is a camera crew in the room.

I’m also surprised that she’s even allowed to do it, considering the hospital I gave birth in doesn’t allow video cameras during the birth. I wonder how the doctors and staff feel about doing their jobs in front of so many people like that. Will it be hard for them to focus? What if the camera crew gets in their way? What if an emergency happens?

How would you feel about having your birth filmed and broadcast LIVE on the internet? Why?

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