Wow! $9 for 16 tubes of lipsticks!

And let me clarify that… I didn’t pay $9 for 16 tubes of lipsticks. They paid ME $9 to walk out with 16 tubes of lipstick!

I went today for my weekly trip to CVS (I used to go much more often, like every other day. But that has slowed way down now that I’ve got two kids. Sometimes I can’t even go each week! :( ) One of the big things on my list was a bunch of Covergirl lipstick. The incredifull & Trushine lipsticks were both Buy One, Get One Free this week. And in this week’s Procter & Gamble coupon insert (12/2), there were some Buy One Covergirl Lip product, Get One Free. Well, with my mom’s help, I had 8 of those coupons this week, so I planned to get 16 lipsticks for free. (By the way, you can usually use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 sale, but that might vary by store. For example, at my grocery store, all B1G1 sales are actually coded as 50% off, so using the coupon doesn’t end up getting you two items for free.)

Now, 16 free tubes of lipstick is cool enough in itself. But, I had a CVS extracare coupon (the kind that print off at the end of your receipt) for $4 off of a $20 purchase. Well, before coupon, I was definitely going to be purchasing more than $20 worth of items (and I had a few other things too…). So, rather than getting them for free, I was going to have $4 worth of credit to apply to other things in my basket. I got some mouse traps (let’s not talk about that topic – yuck!)

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when, after I finish my transaction, out pops (on the bottom of my receipt) an EB for $5! My receipt summary said “P&G, Spend 20 get 5 EB”. I was not expecting this at all! In retrospect, I see that on the front page of the ad, there is a deal for “Buy $20 of any of THESE P&G products, get $5 Extra Bucks.” Usually, however, when the ad states “any of THESE products”, then it has to be specifically the ones listed in the ad. It does list Covergirl makeup but specifically excludes these two types, b/c they were priced differently than the rest of the makeup.

I got 8 tubes of Incredifull, which is regularly priced at $7.49. I got 8 tubes of TruShine, which is regularly priced at $6.99. The total retail value of these lipsticks came to 115.84, yet I walked out with a profit! What a great day for me!

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