Wreaths Ideas: The Chandelier Wreath

A wreath is a classic element of holiday decorating. Depending on the style of wreath and where it is placed, your look can range from elegant to whimsical. Here are some different ideas for wreaths that I have gathered from observing local large-scale indoor Christmas displays. Take advantage of professional ideas and adapt them at home. From mansions to malls, ideas for wreaths come in many different adaptations.

Chandelier Wreath

Why not turn your big beautiful wreath into a real centerpiece as a chandelier? You can adapt this idea at home by leaving the chandelier unlit (or use battery powered candles for safety in the home).

The wreath will hang from a ceiling hook with ribbon, and the hardware will be disguised by decorative elements.

The first thing you should do is create your wreath. A plain wreath of greenery is a good place to start. Next, wire in your ornaments and any other elements that you want to add. A mixture of shiny balls is always nice. You’ll want to place balls of different sizes for interest.

Many family room tends to get decorated with a snowman theme, so I plan on doing a fun wreath with little snowmen sitting on it, interspersed with blue and silver balls.

Next, if you don’t already have a ceiling hook, you’ll need to install one. An easy way to do this is to measure the distance from the ceiling to where you want the chandelier to hang. Then you will want to add another foot to allow for the ribbon and make it hang properly. Cut three pieces of ribbon at this length.
Tie the ribbon to the wreath in three equidistant places. If your wreath has a frame on the back, this will be easy. if not, just tie the ribbon from underneath and make sure to knot it tight to reduce slippage.

Next, take all three ribbons ends in hand and tie them together. I looked this one up, and found a great solution (and step by step directions) in the current Lowe’s magazine. Their suggestion (a nice, professional way of doing this) is to use a washer. A washer is that round hallow ring used for faucets and other appliances. You could also use a curtain ring or a jewelry jump ring.

Hang the ring from the ceiling hook and disguise it with one big or several smaller ribbon bows.


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