Writing Great Love Letters

With the “Letters of Love” section that Heather began, I decided it would be fun to ask people what they think is the basis of a great love letter. I asked people I know what they believe are great features of letters they have received, as well as the best features of love letters they’ve written. I’ve combined the answers with my own thoughts, below:

Be Yourself and Don’t Try Too Hard

I received this response (or similar variations thereof) the most and I happen to agree. Don’t try too hard to make love letters sound like Hallmark cards, just express what you really feel. It doesn’t have to rhyme; it doesn’t have to be long, flowery, or mushy, or even grammatically perfect. It should just reflect the love you feel in your own sentiment.

Try to Avoid too many Clichés

While the person you love may well be your best friend, and you can and should certainly say so, try to avoid most clichés regarding love. Avoid worn out phrases that may make your love letter sound more like you have copied the words from a song, a movie, or romance novel. Use your own words to describe what you feel.

Don’t Be Shy

If you love someone deeply, writing a love letter can be the perfect way to express thoughts and feelings that you might find more difficult to share aloud. Let yourself go, be open, and write down your innermost feelings for the one you love. This is a great way to say all those things you have always wanted to say.

Love Letters Love Notes CardsJust put it to Paper

One of the best ways to write a great love letter is to just start writing down your thoughts as they come to you. You can always go back and organize your thoughts, or proofread your writing later if you feel the need. For now, just get caught up in the moment and let your feelings flow from your heart and mind to the paper in front of you.

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