X-Men: The Last Stand – Kid Friendly Review

Normally, at Families.com, we try to stick to PG and under films so that parents can have at least some idea that they’re not going blindly into the film we’re reviewing. However, after seeing X-Men: The Last Stand recently and witnessing the number of kids in the theatre, I felt it was only fair that we reviewed these films. After all, love of comics and comic-book based films are usually based down from the parents. So, with the blessings of Families.com, I give you a review of X3.

The film follows up on the events of X2 in which Jean Grey has apparently perished in order to save her fellow X-Men. However, this is the arena of comic book lore, and rarely does a character really perish. As such, Jean Grey returns, more powerful as ever as the Dark Phoenix and joins Magneto’s cause to take the reigns of the world away from humans.


The movie isn’t really half as good as the first two installments. The drama is downplayed and replaced with more action. While the action is fun and enjoyable, it’s also on the level of cheese which, for the most part, the X-Men series has avoided until now.

As for content, the film features lots of peril and some extreme action sequences in which characters are murdered or maimed. Also, the relationship between Wolverine and Jean Grey becomes heated and many parents might have concerns when it comes to viewing key sequences between these two characters.

A fun film, but not necessarily a smart film, X-Men will probably be loved by older kids and tweens. However, children who are frightened easily should completely avoid the film.

X-Men: The Last Stand is currently in theatres and is rated PG-13.