Xyron Design Runner

There have been many times when I was scrapbooking or making a card and I wished that I could easily send my project through the printer to add a title or fun accent. Xryon has developed a tool that will allow to print anywhere on your project without sending it through a traditional printer. The Xyron Design Runner is a clever device that you simply hold in your hand and slide it across your paper to print.

Let me fill you in on all of the fun things you can do with it.

Print Alphabets. They offer several alphabets in several sizes that you can print from the design runner. It can be a little tricky to get the word to line up evenly, so try taping down your paper with reposition able tape and use a ruler’s edge to guide the printer.

Print images. The Design Runner comes with one disc that contains 40 images. You can purchase additional discs for $25 each.

Print boarders. You can crag this printer along the paper and create a boarder for the boarder images included on the disc.

The Design Runner comes with black ink and refills can be purchased in both red and green. The ink cartridges will last for 5000 feet of printing.

The Design Runner plus the charging dock, starter disc and idea books costs around $119, but I did find it just under $100 after searching online. You may want to check your local scrapbook or craft store to see if you can use a coupon in it.

The cost may seem a little high, but I was thinking that the only other way your could achieve a similar look would be to stamp images or letters onto you projects. In most cases, it would cost more that $25 to buy 40 different stamps. So the initial investment is a little high, but if you use it a lot, it may be worth it.

Overall, this could be a fun tool to acquire if you do a lot of stamping or printing and would like to have less to store and more to play with.