Yoga Accessories: Yoga Gloves

If you begin to browse for yoga supplies online, you will be surprised at the variety of accessories available. Yoga gloves are exercise gloves that are specifically designed to fit the needs of yogis of all levels of practice.

Yoga gloves are made by a few different companies and the specifications and design of the gloves varies slightly, depending on the manufacturer. These gloves to have some things in common, such as a non slop surface on the palms of the yoga gloves.

If you tend to sweat a lot during your practice, or practice a type of yoga that causes sweating, such as power yoga or hot yoga, you may find yoga gloves helpful. When you sweat, the risk of slipping while performing yoga asanas increases. If you slip on the mat, there is a risk of injury to the wrists. By helping you stay put on the mat, yoga gloves may reduce this risk.

Another benefit of yoga gloves is the non slip surface allows you to practice yoga anywhere, even without a yoga mat. You can use the gloves on any hard surface, including the floor of a hotel room. They are much easier to pack and take up no space in your luggage, so you can take your practice with you, wherever you go.

Yoga gloves will need to be washed, especially if you sweat profusely during your practice. Most yoga gloves are machine washable. Lay the gloves on a flat surface to dry to prevent them from losing shape or shrinking in the dryer. Follow the specific instructions that come with the type of gloves you purchase for cleaning.

Gloves are not essential for yoga practice, like a yoga mat. However, if you tend to slip in certain poses or sweat and want to try a pair of gloves, they can be found inexpensively online. You can find them at your favorite online yoga shop or by searching online. Most gloves are one size fits all, but double check before you place your order.

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