Yoga Poses: Feathered Peacock Pose

Feathered peacock pose (Pincha Mayurasana in Sanskrit) is an advanced yoga pose that requires upper body strength. In your yoga class, you may hear this asana referred to as forearm balance or elbow balance pose.

There are several benefits to feathered peacock pose. This asana strengthens and tones the muscles of the arms and shoulders. This pose also improves balance, flexibility and overall strength and stretches the shoulders, chest and abdomen. Some health benefits of feathered peacock pose include relaxing the brain, relieving stress, and improving feelings of depression.

To move into this pose, start on your mat in child’s pose. Leave the forearms on the mat, bent at the elbow. Lift up on the heels and move as you would if you were moving into downward dog, but keep your forearms flat on the mat, almost as in dolphin pose.

Begin to walk the legs forward and then jump the legs up one at a time, as though you were moving into hand stand. The forearms remain on the mat, while the body is moved into one line with the legs straight and the toes pointing toward the ceiling.

Tighten the abdomen and tuck the tailbone to stabilize your body in feathered peacock pose. Remember to keep breathing in this pose and keep the breath soft. Push down through the arms to lift the body and remain stable in the pose.

If you can’t support your body in this pose or if feathered peacock pose is new to you, modify the pose to provide added support. You can perform this asana against a wall for better support and stability. To do this, start in child’s pose with your forearms bent and fingertips almost touching the wall. This way, when you spring up into the pose, the wall is there to support you.

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