Yoga Types: Hatha Yoga

Once you decide to give yoga a try, you will soon learn there are several styles of yoga. If you join a studio, you may be wondering about the different types of yoga listed on the class schedule. In this series, we’ll look at the various types of yoga practiced. This information can be used for your own knowledge or to help in selecting classes that are the right fit for you.

The type of yoga most commonly practiced in the United States is hatha yoga, also known as Iyengar yoga. BKS Iyengar is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on yoga and has been teaching his form of hatha yoga since 1936.

The pace of a hatha yoga class is slower than some other forms of yoga. The focus is on learning the asanas and perfecting the form. In addition, there is focus on breathing with the movements using fairly simple breathing techniques.

For most people, a hatha yoga class is a good place to start experiencing yoga. In these classes, students will learn the basic poses of yoga, breathing and relaxation poses. In some classes, there is a very brief meditation at the end of the class.

At most yoga studios, a basic hatha yoga class has a slow pace, which allows students plenty of time to move in and out of the poses. One benefit of this is the time available and focus on learning the poses and correct posture in the asana and when moving in and out of asanas.

Some people find the pace of a hatha yoga class to be too slow. They may prefer a quicker pace vinyasa class, which has a flowing sequence and less time spent in each asana. If this describes you, try a vinyasa class at your studio.

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