Yoga Types: Mantra Yoga

Mantra yoga is a form of yoga that uses meditation and the chanting of mantras. A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that is chanted and repeated. During the chanting of the mantra, attention is focused on the mantra, which helps to clear the mind and transcend emotions.

Mantra yoga is a spiritual form of yoga that uses chanting mantras for spiritual purposes. Using a mantra is an effective way to bring focus and attention into the present moment. Nearly everyone has trouble with the mind wandering and a mantra helps bring the mind back to the moment and the meditation.

As students deepen in this form of meditation, they begin to go into meditative states, or hypnotic states. At this point, the student loses focus of what is happening in around them. This takes quite a bit of practice to learn to quiet the mind and go deeper into a meditative state, but there are many emotional and spiritual benefits to the practice.

Although this form of yoga has roots in the Hindu religion, it is also used by Buddhists, Christians and people with shaky or little faith. The beauty of it is that you can use it in a way that fits your needs and enhances your spiritual experience and connection to your higher power.

The mantra selected varies widely and is deeply personal. Some people use the universal mantra, OM. Others use the name of God, a phrase or prayer. This is how the mantra can be tailored to fit the religious beliefs of the individual.

There are many benefits to mantra yoga. Emotionally, this practice of chanting mantras has positive effects on the mental state of the individual. When meditation is practiced regularly, the individual experiences a greater sense of calm and peace. Even when life throws unexpected hardship in their paths, they remain able to stay calm, present and happy.

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