Yoko to Heather – “Try to Survive”

I recently blogged about Heather Mills and her recent divorce from Paul McCartney. After a bitter break up, the two finally settled on a financial amount – $48.6 million. While that does sound like a lot of money, it was nothing compared to the $1.6 billion he is estimated to be worth. She had to know that going up against the cutest Beatle would be an uphill battle. I mean, who doesn’t love Paul McCartney? I am not even a Beatles fan and he is my favorite Beatle! Therefore, no matter what went on in the marriage, he had the fan favorite advantage.

Now Heather is getting some advice from perhaps the only woman in the world who can truly sympathize with her – Yoko Ono.

Back in the 60s, artist and musician Yoko met a 26-year-old John Lennon at a preview of one of her exhibits in London. At the time, Yoko was seven years older and the whole “cougar” thing was not as popular as it is today. Two years after this meeting, the two would begin an affair, which would lead to the divorce of Lennon and his first wife, Cynthia. John became more interested in collaborating with Yoko musically, something the other Beatles soon resented. Yoko began joining them in the recording studio and would occasionally make comments or suggestions, which angered the others. Many fans still blame Yoko to this day for ostracizing Lennon from the rest of the Beatles, leading to the band’s breakup.

So, while it seems that most everyone in the world has harsh words for Heather, even the judge presiding over the divorce, Yoko has some kind words for her. She said in a Sky News interview “All I can say is, it’s not very easy for a woman to be associated with The Beatles. I think all the wives did suffer, and I think quietly suffer. Suffer but endured, I would actually say.” She went on to add that Mills should “do her very best and try to survive.”

While Yoko and Paul have often butted heads in the past, (especially when Paul wanted to change the credits of songs written primarily by him from Lennon-McCartney to McCartney-Lennon) she even had kind words for him. She said “I’d not just say to her but to Paul too, it’s a very difficult situation for any couple to go through, especially for people who are really out in the world and their every movement is being observed,” adding “I’m very sorry for him to have had to go through all that. I haven’t spoken to him about that, but it’s a subject which he probably doesn’t want to discuss with other people.”