You Can be Frugal and Eat Healthy Organic

I wrote about my first trip to an organic food store in years entitled Can you be frugal and healthy. My point was yes you can.

For me there are even more challenges, as I am trying to go gluten free on top of eating more healthy, and revisiting organic foods. I mean, would a frugal person even go there? Should a frugal person go there? I think we can and should.

Here are some frugal things you can do to accommodate healthy eating.

1. Eat less. The reason poor people buy cheap food is because they can buy more food. You can get a whole lot more nutrition in healthy food than in more non healthy foods. Eat less of it and you will lose weight too.

2. Change your staple foods. When pinching pennies, my staple food has always been pasta. You can feed a whole family of four with a $1.00 box of pasta and little meat and sauce. I have switched to brown rice. While brown rice costs more than spaghetti, you can feed a whole family of four with a cup (before cooking) of brown rice, an egg, and a cup of vegetables. And my family loves fried rice more than spaghetti. Other staple foods you can switch to are beans, canned tomatoes and corn, eggs, and potatoes. You can make a full and inexpensive meal with any of these foods as the main ingredient.

3. Learn how to make soup. Soups, stews, and porridges will greatly stretch your organic food budget. They will also give you comfort on cold days and allow you to buy meats so you can buy a higher quality.

4. Don’t abandon your frugal ideals. Just as you learned prices of everything at the grocery store, also watch the prices at organic food stores so you know when something is a great deal. This way you can buy the right foods in bulk at the right time. Use coupons when you can, even if just on cleaning items and toiletries. Continue to plan your meals based on what is on sale or seasonal in the store.

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