You Cannot Scrapbook Without Your Favorite Things

Every scrapbooker has their own preferred, must have products that they just cannot scrapbook without. Of course every person is different, but the premise is the same. Either they help you be creative or a layout in your head just cannot be created without them.

I have a few products I just have to have in order to be creative. Some of them probably say something about my particular style too. And I tend to be on the simple side, so I use many of these items on every single layout I create.

My Adhesive:

My favorite adhesive is not a brand, but a type. I absolutely cannot live without my photo splits. Being the frugal scrapbooker I am, I like the fact that I can cut them down in size and use less to adhere to my page. In addition, when cutting them, they adhere to the smallest places. As well as being perfect for larger surfaces too. One product I just cannot live without.

My Cutter:

I absolutely bow down and worship my Marshall Falcon Paper Trimmer. This was my first “scrapbooking related” cutter that I purchased. I think I bought it back in 1996. In 2000 I broke it and had to replace it. I went nuts until I found it again. I love the ability of cutting the 12×12 paper without moving it or having the paper wrinkle, etc. I have since purchased several others, but have never found one I like as much, and quit trying last year!

My Embellishments:

I am an embellishment junkie. I think we are known as lumpy bumpy fanatics. I love ribbons, and metals and eyelets and brads. I love the look of fibers and tags and charms and bottle caps. Even buttons and stitching and stickers and paper flowers. Oh! And how about words and clips and rubber stamps and inks and chalks. If it can help embellish a page and I can be creative with it, you can find it in my scrapbooking stash. Nearly every layout I do has embellishments slathering the pages and I just cannot help it.

My Papers:

While cardstock is an absolute must – especially Bazzil, I think practically every scrapbook page I have ever created has had a piece of patterned paper on it. I love patterned paper and cannot go to the scrapbook store or craft store without coming home with several new sheets. My every growing stash is actually a bit depressing when you compare it to the number of layouts I have left to do. I guess I better get busy, but first I need some paper for those cute photos I took yesterday. See, another must have item!

These are the must have items I need to be creative. What are yours?