You Know You’re Really Frugal When…

Whether you need a quick laugh or some more ideas on how to be frugal, check out this list of signs that you are really frugal.

  • You look forward to ironing just so you can warm up your hands on the ironing board when you are done (free heat).
  • You look forward to the day you’ve save up enough for that big ticket item at the thrift store.
  • You make do with newspaper until the price of toilet paper goes down.
  • You check the coin star machine at the grocery store to see if anyone left any extra money in the machine.
  • You cut the elastic out of your old underwear to reuse it.
  • You make a soup out of the contents of fast food ketchup and a little water.
  • You collect sugar packets and use the sugar for your baking.
  • You wear worn out shoes or no shoes in the house to save wear on your “good” shoes.
  • You ask your co-workers for their lunch baggies so you can take them home, wash them out and reuse them.
  • You’ve found a way to reuse dryer lint.
  • You don’t throw away a pencil until it is smaller than a thumbnail.
  • You save spare loose threads from your clothes to darn your socks.
  • You cut up your plastic grocery bags into strips and crochet pot holders with it.
  • You save the crumbs from cereal boxes to use as a topping for baked chicken.
  • You save the salt from the bottom of a bag of bargain pretzels to use on your own homemade pretzels.
  • You take baths and showers in the dark to save electricity.
  • You boil your eggs in your chicken soup stock to save money on gas or electricity.
  • You use both sides of a post it note before recycling it.
  • You go through your garbage to see what the rest of your family is unnecessarily throwing out and then rescue the items.

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