Young Men and Young Women: Summer Activities

It is time to begin thinking of summer activities for your youth. There are activities for your youth to attend with your ward, and then activities you may want to enroll them in this summer. I have included a few ideas as well. It is better to busy in the summer, than bored and getting into trouble.

1) Youth conference is a great activity for all LDS youth over that age of fourteen. This is a lot of fun. The ward or the stake may plan youth conference. Occasionally stakes may combine to plan youth conference. Youth conference is usually a two or three day event.

2) Youth have the opportunity to attend camp every summer. The boys will likely go to Boy Scout camp. The ward may sponsor other campouts as well. Some wards will plan long hikes or rafting trips, which will help to pass off goals for merit badges. Young women will have the opportunity to go girls’ camp this year. It is a great opportunity for the girls. Camp is usually a week long.

3) You may want to consider enrolling your child in EFY (Especially for Youth). This is a camp sponsored by BYU and it is for youth between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Registration began February 6, but there are still spots available. BYU offers a wide variety of sports and dance camps for youth as well. They also offer a variety of camps involving academics or the performing arts.

4) You may want to have your teenager volunteer somewhere over the summer. This is a great chance for your teenager to reach outside of himself. It looks good on a college application as well. It will give some structure to the summer as well.

5) You may want to look into summer programs or classes for your teenager to take during the summer. This is a great way to encourage your teenager to pursue an interest that they may have. If the classes sound fun, they are more likely to want to participate.

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