Young Men: Quorum Service Projects

As each young man works towards receiving his “Duty to God” award he is required to complete service hours each year. Some of the service hours are quorum service projects. The fall is a great time of year to complete service projects. Here are some ideas that young men could do as a quorum.

1) The fall is a stressful time of year for the elderly as they struggle to get their yards and homes ready for the winter. One great service project would be to aid them in this process. You can rake leaves, paint the house, and do any other work that may be needed in their garden or yard.

2) Many local hiking trails and parks also need help in preparing the trails and other facilities for the winter. This would be a great time to contact the local recreation departments and see if they need some help. You may paint some areas, or clear other areas of debris.

3) Once school starts again, so does the need for volunteer tutors. You may take a class as a quorum to learn how to tutor someone who is struggling at school, and then complete service hours each week for the rest of this year. This could really help a child who is in need.

4) Food banks often run low on supplies and help this time of year. You could contact your local food bank and then complete a food drive for the bank. After you have collected the food you may want to spend an evening serving at the food bank as well.

5) The young men may also want to prepare a dinner (around Thanksgiving) for the widowed members of your ward. This will give the young men a chance to practice serving food and cooking, as well as an opportunity for these members to gather together and socialize during a lonely time of the year.