Young Women: 4 Ideas for Service Projects

So often when we think of service projects for young women to complete, the first thing that comes to mind is babysitting. In fact I have mentioned this service in quite a few blogs. However, I realize that babysitting is just not the right service for everyone to offer. I personally never cared for babysitting as a teenager, and I stopped by the time I was fourteen. Here are four service projects that a young woman could complete instead of the typical babysitting.

1) Often times the elderly could use help around the house or running errands. This is a great service project for young women to complete. You could organize a house cleaning day for an activity or have the girls go in pairs to clean on a weekly basis. The Laurels can also drive the elderly to go get groceries, or do the shopping for them.

2) Another great service is to take in a meal to a family in need. This is great because it gives the young woman an opportunity to plan, shop for and prepare a healthy meal. When she delivers it, she can see how much her hard work helps a family in need.

3) Another great service is to be a tutor for someone who needs help with studying. If academics are not a strong point, then you might consider being a peer tutor to a disabled student in high school. These are both great services that allow the young woman to build a good relationship and see people learn and grow over time.

4) You may want to organize an activity in which the young women clean the church building. Since the ward members are now responsible for the upkeep of the building, this is a great opportunity for the girls. You may want to talk about being reverent, and the wonderful opportunity you have to help out at the church.

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