Young Women: Camp

It is time to start preparing for your young woman to go camping for the summer. Young Women’s camp is a great experience for most girls. The camp should teach good survival and nature skills (although many of these will be covered in pre-camp activities) and it allows your girls to grow spiritually. If you are the parent of a young woman, you should encourage your daughter to attend.

Many camps now take place in cabins at nice campgrounds. There are not as many wards that camp in tents anymore. This can make camp less intimidating for those girls who are not as comfortable roughing it. This also allows more time for the activities and it lets the girls rest more comfortably. Many camps also come with a pool.

Your daughter will be gone for about four days. The stake will go together and there will be meetings each morning and evening with the stake. Then during the day there are classes offered. The girls will each have a chore or some type of duty to do each day as well. In the evenings the girls will gather together and have a spiritual meeting in the ward camp area as well. This is where the spirit can really begin to touch the girls hearts.

If you have specific concerns about sending your daughter to camp you should talk to the leaders about them. There is a nurse that is called to serve and attend camp as well. The nurse can help to make decisions about when someone needs professional treatment and handle minor injuries herself. Additionally there are Priesthood leaders there at all times. Often accommodations can be made for most situations. If you do not think that your daughter will do well at camp, pray about your decision to make sure it is the right one.

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