Young Women: Faith

Each month the young women focus on one of its seven different values. Each value has a scripture that is associated with it. The Personal Progress program also uses the values as sections, each girl needs to complete a value project as well as pass off six goals in each topic.

The first value is faith. The scripture for this value is Alma 32:21. The goals and projects for this value focus on each young woman increasing her faith and understanding of the gospel. She can choose several different principles of the gospel (Sacrament, Atonement, Plan of Salvation) to study and ponder. In this value she is encourage to read the scriptures and gain a deeper understanding of faith.

This is a wonderful value for the young women to focus on. Faith is truly a core value of any religion. As the young women study the scripture and pray to gain faith, it will strengthen their testimonies. You can share your faith building experiences with your daughter to help her learn more about faith. It is important for your daughter to realize that faith is strengthened as you live the principle and pray for strength. Faith will develop as you feel God’s love for you.

You can have a family home evening on faith or on how faith helps you to live the principles of the gospel. In fact one of the goals that needs to be passed off is that each young woman needs to teach a family home evening lesson on how faith helps you to live the principles of the gospel.

The Personal Progress program is designed to help the young women strengthen their testimonies through prayer, study and application of the principles studied. The new program focuses on the girls studying the scriptures and praying to strengthen their testimonies of the gospel. This helps the journey to truly be personal for each girl.

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