Your Family Legacy Website Review

Preserving our own history is one important reason why many people begin scrapbooking. But not only do we want to preserve our own lives, but also many of us have the desire to piece together information from our ancestors into albums. I have recently come across a helpful website, Your Family Legacy, that you can use a resource for both purchasing items for use in completing your ancestral pages and they have an excellent list of informative articles that you may find helpful in giving you ideas for your historical pages.

I would like to share some of my favorite things about the resources on this site.

Idea books. They offer several idea books that will help you get your heritage photos and memorabilia organized and into albums.

Preservation items. Their store offers a great selection of products that you will want to have if you are working with old documents and photos such as gloves, pH tester pen, and archival mist. These items will allow you to treat your materials so that they will be safe to use in your scrapbook.

Patterned paper. They carry several different sheets of patterned paper. I especially like the Karen Foster Designs because they have an aged look and they are well designed.

The real gem of their site is the articles. These articles give you a nice starting place for collecting ancestral information and many ideas on way to organize it. I felt that some of the most helpful articles were: “Writing a Family History”, “I Have No Photos”, “Researching Military Records”, and “Document Preservation.”

They have over 50 articles that all relate to different aspects of researching and preserving your family history.

If you are working on preserving older photos, or just starting to think about it, this site could be a wonderful resource for you gain guidance on this large and exciting task.