Your Family Tree Can be a Work of Art

tree Genealogists tend to be excited about sharing the research that they have done in order to create their family tree. One easy, and eye catching, way to do that is to make your family tree into a work of art. You don’t necessarily have to be a skilled artist in order to do it. There are quite a few companies that will make your family tree into an interesting and unique form of art for you.

What would you like your family tree to look like? If you happen to be a skilled artist, then there is no end to the variety of ways that you could make your family tree into a work of art. You could devote an entire wall in your home to the display of your family tree.

Some genealogists will hang framed photos of their ancestors on one wall and make a non-traditional family tree. Others will spend hours drawing or painting the perfect family tree, with enough branches to include every relative and ancestor. You can get as creative with the design as you choose.

Genealogists who don’t happen to have art skills, or who are short on time, may want to hire someone to turn your family tree into a lovely work of art that can be displayed in your home. I found a few different websites that specialize in family tree art. These artistic family trees would make an eye catching display in your home, and will also make nice gifts for other members of your family.

Family Art Studio has a family tree art tool that you can use to customize your family tree. Select the colors you want to use, add in your family members, and choose from some very unique layouts. When you are done, you can save your family tree art to your computer, or share it on Facebook. If you are making it as a gift for someone, then you can place an order for it to be printed out on canvas.

Geneartogy combines genealogy and art to create a family tree template that is as detailed and intricate as something that an artist would draw by hand. To start, you create an account, and then choose a template, size, font, and name for your project. Choose wisely, because you cannot go back and change that later. Next, start uploading the names of your family members, their birthdays, and their death date for those who have passed away. Add a photo of each relative or ancestor.

This all gets saved, so you can add information to it at any time. You will have the opportunity to have your photos customized by an experienced photo editor, for a fee. You are not required to do so, but it can enhance your family tree art. After you are done, you can approve the project, purchase it, and have it shipped to your door.

Custom Family Tree Art offers a simple, yet elegant, design. It is a linear design that looks very much like a drawing of a tree, at first glance. Choose from a 2 Generation Descendant Family Tree, one that includes three generations, or one designed for four.

Image by Amy Loves Yah on Flickr