Your Individuality as a Scrapbooker

Your individuality as a scrapbooker is what makes you unique. I say that to encourage those out there who feel they aren’t very creative. Most of us who hang in scrapbook circles know of at least one person who seems to have this incredible knack for creating the most beautiful pages.

It can be hard to keep yourself from comparing your less-than-average work with a more veteran scrapbooker. Some just seem to know which colors work best on a page, the perfect layout and write with the most exquisite handwriting. Meanwhile your page looks like a hodgepodge of mess and your squiggly writing is hard to even read.

Just as is the case in anything, some people are just better at some things than others. I will admit that I am not the most creative scrapbooker. I can’t think of layout ideas off the top of my head. I usually have to copy or semi-copy someone else’s idea. I might change a color or a pattern or some other small thing but I am definitely no expert.

You know, that used to really bother me. I would feel a twinge of jealousy creep up when an excited friend of mine would shove her book in my face to show me her latest creation. I would look at it and instead of appreciate her work would think, “I could never be that good.”

I remember looking back one time on my very first scrapbook. It was almost laughable. I wanted to tear out the pictures and start all over again. But then the thought struck me. This was my individuality shining through. This scrapbook was created by me and therefore, it is unique to my personality and my creativity. No, I am not the most creative but I have a special individuality to my scrapbooking.

Don’t compare yourself to others. You will always find a reason to fall short. Instead, learn to value and appreciate your individuality as a scrapbooker. Appreciate your unique creativity and the way you give voice to your pictures.

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