Your Own Genealogy Website

Once you have done a lot of genealogy work you may want to post this all online. You could choose to do this through one of the current websites about genealogy. You may also choose to design your own site. There is a lot that you can include on your website, but if you are not very technically inclined starting with an online subscription based site may be the easiest. Either choice that you make you should consider including some of these things on your site.

The most basic thing to include is your family tree. This should be your research back as far as you have it. This will help others to take advantage of the research and you may find some very distant relatives this way. You may also find people that can help you fill in the missing research.

Another great thing to include is your family coat of arms or other symbols. You may want to include a page for each family name, which lists the meaning of each name. Each family name may have a different coat of arms as well. This is one of the things that make genealogy more interesting.

When you have stories, family histories or interesting facts about your family you should post these as well. For example I love the story in my family about my great great grandmother who was disowned from a royal family when she fell in love and married a commoner. How romantic! Including stories such as these as well as family legends is a great way to liven up a family history page.

Additionally adding photos of family members or of handiwork done by family members can be another way to bring your family story to life online. If you can video and audio recordings can also be utilized online. In many ways it can be like piecing together a blog about the past.