Youth Noise: Giving Youth Voices

I have discovered this awesome website where kids can go to express their opinions and concerns about global issues. Youth Noise is a site where kids of all ages can speak their minds about politics, the environment, the homeless, epidemics, or whatever else is on their minds. They can talk to other kids from all over the world to find support or even debate.

I began exploring this site by checking out the icons at the top of the screen. There was one icon labeled “Just-1-Click” so I clicked it. This brought me to a page with a pie chart on it that read 70% Apparently, every time someone clicks that link, one cent is donated to the International Hospital for Children (IHC). IHC is an organization that helps bring the best medical care to children in developing countries. Plus, every month there is a different organization that benefits from this Just-1-Click, and they are always taking suggestions. What a great way to help kids get involved in global awareness!

After clicking a few more icons, I obviously learned more about this site. There is a page where kids can find information about local elected officials, issues and legislation going on in the U.S., and even election details at the right time of the year. Once you look up the elected officials in your area, there is a page where you can send them a message. I wish I had access to this site when I was in high school — I would have been on here all of the time sending messages to my senators and House representatives.

Upon further investigation of this site, I discovered that there are plenty of places for kids to voice their opinions to other members of Youth Noise. Kids can post blogs, debate issues through message boards, and even post their artwork that relates to their opinions. All different types of media are accepted, from what I can tell.

I would recommend Youth Noise for the older kids — late middle school- and high school-aged children. Some of the issues that are discussed on here may be too much for the younger ones to handle. However, if you get that one elementary school project where your child has to write a letter to their Congressman, this is a great place to start.

Parental Warning: This website DOES contain sensitive material. PLEASE moderate and chaperone your child’s use of the Internet.