YouTube Christmas House Tours

youtube Going on Christmas house tours are lots of fun. Not only can you enjoy beautiful decorations and furnishings, but you can get some ideas for decorating your own home.

Just this past weekend, we visited a room that was a early century library, all decorated for Christmas. I loved pretty much every part of it and joked that I was taking my photos so we could reproduce the room at home. Of course, the high ceiling and the friezes might present a bit of a problem, but you get the idea.

While visiting homes in person is always nice, it isn’t always practical. Thanks to technology and YouTube, you can tour homes all over the country that are decorated for the holidays or have some sort of holiday connection. It is fun to cozy up in a warm home when the sleet or snow is coming down and view these virtual Christmas house tours.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite YouTube Christmas house tours.

A Christmas Story House Tour

If you are a fan of the 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, you’ll enjoy getting a virtual tour of the home that was used in production. It looks like it has now been turned into a museum, complete with the original radio and the famous leg lamp.

A Christmas Story House Tour

Timelapse Decorating

This video shows exactly what goes into decorating a house for Christmas on the outside. While this isn’t an actual tour of a house, I included it because, well, it is fun to watch.

Lighting Up The ‘Christmas House’ – timelapse

The Christmas Tree House 2008

This is basically a tour of a private home that is decorated and opened to the public for a fundraiser. You can mute the sound, if you want to bypass the tour information. There are some over the top decorating here, including a roaring campfire.

The Christmas Tree House 2008

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