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Board Games: A Creative Wedding Gift

When I was in my twenties, I was at a get together with a lot of couples who had been married in the past couple years. We were comparing stories about good and bad wedding gifts. (Making sure not to mention the gifts we’d given each other) Every couple had stories about getting an excess of picture frames, serving dishes and candlestick holders. One vegetarian couple received eight different salad sets.

While we all appreciated these gifts, they were very common and didn’t really stand out. When the discussion shifted to gifts that stood out, the gifts people mentioned were the more unique, creative, or useful gifts.

One unique idea is a collection of board games. A lot of couples enjoy entertaining, or having friends over for an informal get-together. A good selection of board games can spice up a party, and lead to a lot of fun and laughter. Everyone enjoys playing old favorites, and there are a lot of newer games that are geared specifically to older crowds. Who knows, someday you’ll be playing some of them with the bride and groom!

I thought it might be appropriate to post this later in the year, but I just got back from the mall and one after-Christmas sale after another. If you know a lot of couples potentially tying the knot, now is a great time to shop early if you have a little closet space to spare.

Try to focus on party games that include a lot of people, and don’t require a huge amount of specific knowledge. Any of the Genus editions of Trivial Pursuit work, but avoid the specialty editions. Games that require activity and creativity, such as Pictionary, Balderdash and Scattergories are also a lot of fun at adult parties.

Don’t give a wedding gift that’s destined for the deepest recesses of the closet, only to be retrieved to be rewrapped and given to another unfortunate couple. Give the gift of fun by providing the new couple with an arsenal of board games that you got at rock bottom prices!

Have fun shopping!
Rob the Familyfungi