Bring on the Birds!

I love birds. I am somewhat less than fond of the woodpecker that’s making a loud drumming sound just outside my window, but I know that it’s just trying to advertise, letting other woodpeckers know what’s up this spring. The little winter wren that’s warbling in the tree can stay, though.

Birds are beautiful, but they’re also an asset to your garden. Birds in the garden eat up bugs that eat your plants, creating ecological connections that help your garden grow.

How can you attract birds to your garden?

Natural Bird Feeders

Natural bird food – what is it? Well, birds love to eat bugs, and many of them love to eat seeds as well. Grow a variety of plants that make seeds and fruits that the birds like to eat. Add mulch to the garden to ensure that there’s an ample supply of worms and other creatures that birds love to munch.

Human-Made Feeders

If you don’t quite have enough natural forage, add seed blocks or a hummingbird feeder to your garden. Remember that natural is better: look at what your local birds like to eat and feed them that, and remember that hummingbirds don’t need to drink red dye.


Birds feel safe when they have places to hide. Plant shrubs around your garden, and you’ll give the birds plenty of places to perch and nest, safe from predators such as cats.

Water Features

Birds love water, and they love to bath in it and drink it. If you have a solar-powered water fountain or other water feature, the birds will flock to your garden, especially if you live in a place where surface water is scarce. Use a water feature that recycles the water and make sure that you clean out bird baths regularly.


Dust Baths

Got dust? Oh yes, you might say, as you try to cover over that dusty, dirty part of the garden. However, some birds love taking dust baths, so try to keep a little bit of dust around.They use the dust to remove bugs from their bodies.

Image Credit: Wildlifeshoots / C.C. by 2.0