Broken is Beautiful

I shared this story on my Facebook fan page for my personal blog.  When I posted it I did not expect such a response.  However, the simplicity of the message touched hearts.

My seven year old was playing and somehow knocked over my Willow Tree statue. It broke in half and the girl’s elbow also broke off. She looked panicked when she told me. I was sad but not angry. She then took clear school glue and glued it back together and proudly told me she fixed it. The glue doesn’t hold it the best and you can see the cracks. If truth be told, had I glued it properly, you never would have known it broke. But, I love those cracks…it reminds me of her and her attempt to make up for a mistake. Makes me think of how God must see us when we mess up and clumsily come to Him for forgiveness. We all are broken and some cracks are more evident than others but God loves us…imperfections and all.

First thing you will notice is that it involves my 7 year old and not my preschooler.  However, I feel the message is an important one upon further reflection.  It is easy to get angry or frustrated with children when accidents happen.  Children are challenging.  They don’t always listen and they always want their needs fulfilled immediately.  But if we look closer we can see ourselves.  Haven’t we thrown “tantrums” or wanted needs fulfilled immediately?  Haven’t we made mistakes and had accidents?  I know I have and when it happened I wanted grace extended.  If I can make those mistakes as an adult then how can I expect a small child not to?  Let’s remember to extend grace to our little ones as our Father in Heaven extends grace to us.