But, I Can’t Teach Music

I Can’t Teach Music

Experience tells me I am not the only one who has uttered these words.  When I embarked on homeschooling I considered many things.  I considered phonics, math, literature, history, and methodology.  I lived in the bright light of hope for my ability to homeschool joyfully and effectively.  My glasses were always rosy colored.  It’s easy to color your view rosy when you simply do not consider the road blocks.  I assumed I would figure it all out on the job.  Then one day, it happened.  My child developed a love for music and desired to sing and play an instrument.  The car screeches to a halt and even the shower runs cold when I sing.  Every day would be the Sound of Music if I could belt it out.  Who needs to talk when you can sing your grocery list?  Yet, I remain untalented in all areas of music.  Since this did not prevent me from giving birth to a songbird I had only two options.  I could crush her spirit or I could find a solution.  After several attempts at crushing her spirit, I decided it was high time to find a solution.  My child developed a love for music that wouldn’t quit.  At least through all of this she found a love for 80s music.  Had it not been for a mutual appreciation for Bon Jovi and Matchbox Twenty, I may have tried one more time to clip her songbird wings. Forgoing the clipping I found a piano teacher that was amazing.  It was such a wonderful experience for all that I highly recommend seeking out teachers and tutors to expertly instruct your children in areas you are uncomfortable or unable to teach.  Swallow your pride if you have to, but never feel it is unreasonable to seek guidance and instruction outside of your teaching.  There are many online programs suited to teaching music as well.


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