Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money? {Part 2}

In part 1 of, Can Your Homeschool Blog Earn Money?, I covered how to create a blog posts that attract readers.  Creating good content is the first step to creating a quality blog.  I cover this in Blogging Tips and Tricks as well.  Today, I want to cover a few more background areas before discussing opportunities, so hang in there.  When I say profitable with regards to your homeschool, I do not simply mean financially.

Let’s start by exploring what makes a good homeschool blog. The competition is fierce.  While you need to be aware of what your competitors are doing and what readers are looking for, you first need to find your voice.  In the blogging world this is akin to a niche.

Homeschooling is a broad topic and thus only a beginning not a niche.  Are you a Charlotte Mason homeschooler?  Do you homeschool children with special needs?  Do you homeschool high school?  Narrowing the field is not limiting yourself.  You certainly can write on any homeschooling topic you wish to explore, however, the key is being known or having an authoritative voice on a topic.  If you are known for blogging about dyslexia that does not prevent you from blogging about preschool skills or socialization.  However, specializing in one aspect does open you up to readers seeking information on a particular topic.  When a homeschooler asks where she can find information on particular topic then your blog should be the answer.  If you are dabble in all areas and specialize in nothing then your blog may only be referenced when you happen to hit the nail on the head in a post.  You do not need to start out with a niche as you will grow yourself and your blog as you begin.  However, like the first lady seeks her cause yet maintains a role, you need to seek your cause.  Keep in mind, you do not have to limit yourself to one niche.  For instance, I blog about preschool thru early elementary school but I also blog about home business and faith on my personal blog.

What are readers looking for?  I recently posed the question on my blog’s Facebook fan page.  I wanted to know what readers looked for in general from a homeschool blog.  Now, this information is right from the horse’s mouth so pay attention.

  • encouragement
  • creative ideas
  • transparency, real life homeschooling
  • frugal homeschooling ideas
  • scheduling the homeschool day
  • faith based articles
  • what to focus on and what not to
  • what to teach at certain grade levels and how to tell your child is progressing
  • how to teach using a particular homeschool method

Now, if you can take these broad suggestions and use your personal style or niche as the answer you on the way to becoming a resource.  Remember that word…resource…it is the line that divides the pros from the hobbyists.