Castle Birthday Party Idea

file000503185490This next weekend, we are having a birthday party with a castle theme for our youngest son. We are planning  to include theme-based games, decorations, prizes, crafts, a large spread of food and a complete castle cake for less than $100 total. Now that is frugal!

How are we doing this? The ideas and preparations are elaborate, so follow this blog over the next few days to get all of the details.  Here is our strategy.

By having the party at home, we spend zero dollars on rent for a hall or one of those theme birthday places, saving anywhere from $250-$600. Plus, we can party for hours instead of just two. Because our home is not large, we plan on having most of the party outside in the backyard and on the screened-in porch. When planning an outdoor party, it is always important to have a back up plan in case of the weather.

We decided to set up a quest for the kids to complete. There will be several stations. For example, at the armory, the kids will check in when they first arrive at the party and be given blow up swords (purchased on sale), a card stock shield that I printed and assembled (free), plus markers, crayons and stick-on gems to decorate. This gives the kids something to do while we wait for everyone to arrive.

Next, the kids must report to the queen for their quest who will tell them that they must be brave and face many obstacles in order to find the “Knight’s Cup,” a valuable artifact that was stolen by an evil knight and hidden away. Armed with their swords and shields, the kids can set off on their quest.

First, they must go against the evil knight who has stolen away the princess. She has a clue as to where the evil knight has hidden the cup. The knight has retreated to the fortress and will defend it. The kids will be given water balloons to pelt the knight until he escapes the castle. We are using our backyard (play set) swing set as the castle, and the knight, played by the birthday boy’s brother will escape down the slide.

Find out about the rest of our plans by checking the next installment! You can read part 2 here. 

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