Still Need Information

As you may know I have tried to reach out to my kids’ biological mother to get information from her regarding their births and their biological dads. She provides information about 2 of our 3 kids but has still not replied to the questions that I asked about my third child or more details about her 2nd child. In my last entry I mentioned how my son George was delivered by emergency C-section when the doctor could not find a fetal heartbeat. Then he was hospitalized in the NICU for an infection for 2 ½ weeks. She said nothing about … Continue reading

We Are So Different

If you read my last entry you would know that I found my kids biological mother on face book and attempted to see if she wanted to restart updates and pictures. If she did want it I wanted something from her. I want medical history forms for her and all three of the kid’s biological fathers. The kids deserve to have that information to be able to give to their doctors. I am still not sure if I should reestablish the updates with her. She has not shown she deserves it or even wants it but I try to look … Continue reading

How Many Times?

So I have a dilemma that I thought I would share. As I have shared previously when we were trying to get Rebecca’s biological mother to relinquish her parental rights so that we could adopt her we went to mediation. During the mediation we agreed to quarterly updates for all three kids as long as she kept her part of the agreement. She disappeared therefor it voided the mediation agreement. We tracked her down a while ago gave her another shot and she said she would like to get updates again. We agreed as long as she gave us something … Continue reading


Ok, today’s entry may seem like a rant and if so I apologize at the beginning. When we started the adoption process 12 years ago I was told by a member of my husband’s immediate family that “you can never love an adopted child the same as you can a biological.” When this was said we did not have our kids yet but we were in the process. This particular person thought we were adopting so that we could have the first grandchildren yes she said it. I do not know where this person got their reasoning. We were the … Continue reading

I Won The Kids Lotto

I think we really lucked out when we adopted our kids they are truly great kids. I am sitting here stressing out about my husband being in the hospital and my 8 year old Rebecca sees that my eyes are red and she goes over to the bathroom and brings me some tissues because she thought I was going to cry. She came over and hugged me with the hug of more love than any one mother should be allowed to get. Now I know it is my job as a mom to protect my kids and should be the … Continue reading

Because You Are My Mom

When I decided to continue the conversation with my daughter about why I kissed her when I met her I turned it back on her. I asked her why she kisses me, shares her drinks with me etc. She said well that is because she loves me I asked her why she loves me and her answer was short and simple “because you’re my mom”. That was the best answer I had ever heard. I never really thought too much about what not sharing my things with the kids. I mean as soon as I met them I started sharing … Continue reading

Did You Kiss Me When You Met Me?

I had the strangest conversation with my daughter this week. She is fully aware that she is adopted just like her biological brother’s. So the conversation started with an unusual question, she asked me if I kissed her the day I met her. I giggled because she was only 3 weeks when she came to us. I told her the absolute truth that of course I did over and over again. She next said “well why would you do that I was someone else’s baby”. Now that made me think if she was a stranger’s kid I would not let … Continue reading

Guiding Others To Adoption

Every time my husband or I hear that someone is considering adoption we jump in with our story through the adoption process. Now my mom is even starting to do it. A client of her has a daughter that is considering adoption and so now she passes my information on to them. She tells people about the wonderful children just waiting in the foster care system for a forever home. It was funny she calls me up asking me what agency we used, who our case worker was and how long the process was. Do you know what my answer … Continue reading

What Makes A Real Dad?

Well if you read my last entry you know that I have a problem with Steve’s bio Dad referring to himself as his real dad. This got me thinking if someone is a sperm donor does that make him a real dad? For me being a mom or a dad is a lot more than just whose ingredients are used to make the child. This comes back to the nature versus nurture thing. Basically what influences a child more their genetics or how they are raised? Now if you did not know that the wonderful kids we have were adopted … Continue reading

A Real Dad?

Well I have had some concern that the bio dad for Steve may have been telling bio mom that we have contacted him. You must admit it was odd for all of a sudden her to start calling him to see if after all these years we would call him. I ignored the first time as a coincidence not a good one but a coincidence just the same. Because my cell number was called off to him where he is blind he had my cell. I really did not think too much about it until I got a call from … Continue reading