The Bath Time Circus

Giving my kids baths has always been a fun experience when they are babies. They love to splash and kick, the warm water soothes them, and my babies have all loved bath time. But, recently my little guy has become Trouble with a capital “T” at bath time. It is driving me a little crazy. Gone are the days when he would just lay in the water, kick his legs and smile up at me happily. Now, he is a crazy man all over the place. He wants toys to entertain him (understandable since he sees his older siblings with them) … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of Your Baby

Sometimes, I look at my baby and wonder what he is thinking. After all, I have so much control over his day to day life, and he has hardly any, and I wonder if he is ever puzzled by what is going on around him. In fact, I don’t really need to wonder, because I know he is. But, if you look at it from his perspective, it has to be kind of strange. He is pulled out of bed and gets to crawl around on the floor for a bit. We hop in the car to take Daddy somewhere, … Continue reading

Baby’s First Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving. I can’t help but think of Thanksgiving one year ago today. I was pregnant with my little baby and very anxious for him to come. In fact, I had made up my mind that I was going to have him over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend since he was due on December 3, and I had my other two kids almost a week early. It was perfect timing. However, it was not the right timing because my little guy decided to come 4 days late. He was born on December 7th. I remember that Thanksgiving like it was … Continue reading

It Will Get Better

With every first time Mom it begins the same. Sleep deprivation. Is the baby eating enough? What was I thinking? Will I ever have a life again? I’m doing everything wrong! Those feelings are natural. Remember not to focus on the mommy guilt. My youngest sister just had her first baby. I’ve been so worried about her because even though my first baby is now 6 years old, the memories of those early days are still etched into my brain. It was not an easy time. Venturing into motherhood is an experience that sometimes is not so easy. But I … Continue reading

Baby’s Fears

Every baby has a fear. Sometimes it is the vacuum, the dog, or the blender. My baby actually doesn’t seem to mind the blender all that much, and he loves the food chopper. Weird. But, there are a few things that he is afraid of from time to time. While I don’t enjoy my child’s fear, it is sometimes cute to see what he is afraid of. One of the things that I have learned that he is afraid of is the car wash. In fact, I remember my oldest being scared of that, too as a baby. Now, she … Continue reading

A Close Call

While I was on my trip to Texas, I had a scary moment involving my baby. I was busy working on getting my bags packed to head home the next day. A family member had graciously offered to keep track of the baby while I packed. He was very needy on that trip and just wanted me the whole time, so I was grateful for the break. I stayed inside the lake house packing and occasionally glanced outside where my kids were on the pier with several adults. I wasn’t worried. I knew they were all being looked after. At … Continue reading

When Baby Has Surgery

Last week, my sweet baby had to have surgery. Without writing about anything too personal, I will say it was something that was considered very “routine” and it was a same-day procedure. However, when your sweet baby has to have something like surgery, it is never routine. At least, not for the mama. I knew that he would have to have this surgery since he was born, but I was trying to not think about it. But, before I knew it, it was time to make that appointment. But, it was still a month away, so again, I put it … Continue reading

Tips for Shopping with a Baby

Shopping with a baby can be challenging. Babies do not like to wait for food, diaper changes, and comforting. So, you could be driving to your next destination or in the middle of trying on a pair of jeans when your baby starts to cry. The last thing you want is a bad shopping experience for your baby which only turns into frustration for you. Sweet babies do not care about shopping nor do they see the value in it. So we need to be patient, loving and wise, before venturing out on a shopping trip with baby in tow. … Continue reading

10 Mistakes I Made As a First-Time Mom-Part III

I hope maybe one person might learn from my mistakes. But, the truth is that we all have to make our own as we become first-time Moms. So, maybe you won’t take my advice, and that’s OK. Because by NOT taking my advice, you took it, in a way. Remember what I said in part II of this series about trusting YOUR gut? And, for the first 4 tidbits in this series you can go here. Well, last, but certainly not least, are my final three things I learned from my mistakes as a first-time Mom. 8. Don’t buy a … Continue reading

10 Mistakes I Made As a First-Time Mom-Part II

The truth is, I don’t like thinking I made any mistakes at all because I feel like I did the best I could and my first-born is beautiful, smart, and kind. So, I guess I did some things right too. But, a few days ago, I shared the first four in this series. Go here to see that article. What other “mistakes” did I learn from? Here’s a few more to share: 5. Don’t confide in people that you don’t want advice from. I have to say that I am still working on this one too. But, I’m getting so … Continue reading