How Open Are You?

Supposing you were being interviewed, what would your answers reveal about you? What would they reveal about your Christian life? Would they reveal anything at all? Would you make it public knowledge or try and keep it a secret, and be a secret disciple like Joseph of Arimathea was for a time. In the end though, ignoring any risk, Joseph stood up for Jesus and for what he believed, John 20:38-42. This blog is prompted by something I did recently. In an effort to help promote my book, I interviewed a character from Streets on a Map. It was interesting … Continue reading

Appalled at Behavior

I admit sometimes I am appalled at the behavior of other Christians. In particular I feel strongly about people who are so intent on getting their point of view across that they think their right to speech overrides sensitivity, tact and the pain of other people. Take for example the behavior of those who protested at military funeral. While the law upheld they have a right to free speech, a bit of tact and empathy wouldn’t go astray. For some people learning to be sensitive to other people’s pain is something that is not easily learned it would appear. When … Continue reading

Reaching Out

There’s a mission field just outside your door. There may even be one inside your home. Have you ever thought of your family, friends and neighbors as a mission field? God has placed you exactly where you are, so you can reach out to those around you with the truth of the gospel. In a recent survey in America, 89 percent of those who did not go to church have at least one close friend who is a Christian. If you are a Christian, stop for a moment and think. How many non Christians can you number in your circle … Continue reading

The Value of Conversations

Something struck me yesterday while doing a spell check after writing an article. I’d meant to write ‘conversation’ but because I’m the world worst typist – dyslexic fingers, it came out not even close. As a result spell check suggested I meant ‘conversion.’ But that error actually made me think. How often do conversions of family or friends or neighbors come about because of conversations? Statistics in Australia show the majority of people are invited to church or church activities by a friend. It also shows that most people come to know Jesus and commit their lives to Him, which … Continue reading

Ask and Receive

Some months ago I was asked to give a talk at ladies’ evangelistic event, which is the biggest event our church ladies’ group has each year. After some prayer I agreed, even though I’d rather stand up and sing any day than talk. For a time I had no idea what I was going to talk about so I did what I usually do when I havent got a clue, I asked God for his wisdom of what to do talk about and His words. The thing I love is we have that assurance from God’s word that no matter … Continue reading

Pray and Wait for God’s Answer

When you pray do you expect your prayer to be answered? Are you waiting on God and listening for His answer? Let me share one experience of how God answered my prayer. Recently I was asked to do a talk in front of a large number of women in a couple of months. Now, I’m happy to stand up and sing in front of a crowd any time but speaking is not always such an easy task or comfortable area. But it wasn’t about how I felt about it but about what God wanted me to do. No matter how … Continue reading

Something Needed

In John 4 we saw Jesus piqued the Samaritan woman’s curiosity and how it was a good example for us to use in evangelism. In verse 13 Jesus tells her He has something she really wants, something precious. In Middle Eastern countries water was a precious and familiar commodity. But Jesus lets her know this is not just any ordinary water He is talking about, verse 14. The woman is drawn in. She wants what Jesus has. As Christians, we need to let our friends and neighbors see we have something they could do with, something they need. Something that … Continue reading

Start Them Asking Questions

The encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman in John 4:4-42 is one of my favorite stories. Why? It clearly shows us that that the gospel message is for all people. It demonstrates the truth of John 3:16, that salvation is for ‘whoever believes in Him,’ not just for a certain few. John is the only one who picks up this encounter with the Samaritan woman and sees the significance of it. When we look at it in context, we see it comes just after the encounter Jesus had with Nicodemus. Nicodemus was an upright man, a Pharisee, a religious … Continue reading

God Can’t Use Me

Have you ever wondered how you be used by God? Sometimes we hear people say God couldn’t use me. I’m not clever enough or strong enough or good enough or powerful or able to talk well enough to be used by God or I’m too old. As a matter of fact that last one was one of the excuses Moses threw back at God, when God called him to go back to Egypt and lead his people out, Genesis 6:30. I’ve been reading ‘Living Water’ by Brother Yun. Brother Yun is a Chinese preacher and evangelist who has spent year … Continue reading

The Heart of the Matter

Do you think those around don’t notice your behavior and attitudes? You’d be wrong. They notice more than we realize. Recently a woman I know came to our church. ‘It’s so obvious the love and affection you and your husband have for each other,’ she said later. I tried to think back and work out what could have prompted the comment. Even as I thought about it, I didn’t have a clue what had led to her comment. I couldn’t pinpoint any specific thing we’d said or done. We were just the way we normally are around each other. But … Continue reading