Your Personal Health Online

On Thursday, Microsoft fulfilled their planned dream (since 2000) of launching a website for managing personal medical information. But, will the technology be able to protect the privacy of it’s users? And will having the medical records online will allow for better medical treatment because of easy access? The free web site service, Microsoft HealthVault acts as a library for medical and health-related information, for an individual or family. It can hold data such as immunization records, records from doctors and hospitals, information from medical devices, such as heart monitors and more. The personal medical data can also be linked … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to :-)

Can you believe that the 🙂 is 25 years old? That is right, the little colon-dash-right parenthesis smiley face has a birthday, at least according to the guy who claims to have invented it. Scott E. Fahlman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University says that he came up with the idea of using those three keystrokes to produce a sideways smiley face, exactly 25 years ago yesterday. Fahlman says he posted the smiley in a message to an online electronic bulletin board. The board messages were discussing the limits of online humor and how to make it known that some … Continue reading

Your Blog: “About Me”

Many blogs offer an “About Me” section that gives readers the opportunity to get to know the blogger a little bit better. The majority of bloggers tend to skip this section, either leaving it absent or filling it with cursory information. But here is why you should provide a good “About Me” section, and some tips about what to put in it. Unless all of your visitors to your blog know you intimately, visitors to your blog may be a little cautious about what you are saying. They are essentially meeting a stranger on the street and would like to … Continue reading

Your Blog: Doing Link Exchanges

One of the things out there in blog-land is the practice of link exchanges. These exchanges can drive more traffic to your blog, create a network of online blogging friends, and introduce you to people who share similar interests. Doing a link exchange is simply. You might have already participated in one or two without realizing it. Let’s say you have a friend who has a blog. You might add a section to your blog that says “Favorite Links.” Under that section is the name of your friend’s blog with a link to it. Your friend reads your blog and … Continue reading

Missing Kids Now on A Screensaver

Finding missing kids depends a lot on getting the word out. In fact, one in six children are recovered as a result of people like you and I seeing their picture, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). With more than 4,000 children currently reported missing, that is a huge number of children being found. We’ve all seen the photos of children on milk cartons and on flyers in the post office or grocery stores. Now, the Center is hoping to make even more of an impact with the launch of a new screensaver that will … Continue reading

Your Blog: What is a Meme?

Memes are a big part of the blogging world today. Chances are, if you read just five or six blogs today, you’ll come across at least one. But what are they? Here is some information about them. In general, a meme is a sort of blog project. It is usually a list of open-ended questions listed and answered on a blog. The goal is generally to make the blogger think creatively, or to help readers get to know the blogger. Some example of questions that you might find in a meme might be: What moment made you realize that you … Continue reading

7 Reasons to Start A Blog

Have you been thinking of starting a blog lately? If you haven’t taken the plunge, you should. There are many great reasons to start a blog, and it has never been easier to do. You can get started today right here at Families. com. Just click on the My Site Tab at the top left of the page. Then click on journal on the right side of the page to get started. You can also create your own blog on your existing website, too. And now, here are seven reasons why you should start a blog. 1. To keep in … Continue reading

Teens Hug Trees and The Web

How can we get kids to be more involved with saving the environment? Perhaps all we need to do is give them a computer and access to the Internet. At least that is what one recent study might suggest. Research firm JupiterReserarch just released their results of a study yesterday that shows a link between teenagers who are concerned with the environment, known as “green teens,” and Internet activity. The study tracked the common activities of teenagers, finding that the green teens, when compared tot he average teenager are more engaged in listening to music online, chat online, post a … Continue reading

Campfire E-Mail

Graham crackers? Check. Marshmallows? Check. Bug spray? Check. Laptop? Uh Check. Remember when camping meant getting away from it all? Camping is a sort of mini vacation from life, when you leave your phone and other modern conveniences behind to bond with nature. Well, times they are a-changing. These days, roughing it may mean living without a modern bathroom but not without e-mail. That is because more and more campgrounds are catering to those of us who are wired up to our laptops and other technical devices 24/7. Increasingly, people are wondering, what is a campground without Wi-Fi Internet access? … Continue reading

HTML Cheat Sheet: Basic Tags

Need a quick reference for basic HTML codes? Look now further, it is all here. Whether you are new to HTML or have been an old pro for a while, having a handy reference sheet on basic HTML commands can be invaluable. HTML can be used in so many ways. Even if you aren’t planning on hand coding your own website, knowing what all of the funny letters in the greater tan and less then signs are can really help with your blog, for example. Those less than and greater than signs, and what is in them, are called tags. … Continue reading