The Disney Blog Week In Review for the Week Ending June 6

Disney offers a little something for every in the family and this week’s articles reflect the multiple levels of interest that Disney fulfills. We’re going back a bit further into the end of May before diving into our first week of June. So let’s take a look at articles you may have missed this week. Toy Story Mania examines one of the latest attractions to open at Disney World and Disney’s California Adventure. Whether you’re a fan of Toy Story or not this attraction is more than enough to attract repeat visitors. In 5 Great Disney World Shows for Kids … Continue reading

Make the Most of the Disney Blog

If you like what you read and think a friend would enjoy it, click on the selection below next to the yellow envelope that says “Send this to a friend”. If you really liked what you read, rate the article by clicking on a star. (Preferably the star all the way to the right to signify a five star rating.) If you’d like to leave a comment on the article, please do! I love hearing from readers and would love to know more about what you want to read about Disney. Just enter your comments in the “Add a Comment” … Continue reading

I’ll Send You a Disney Movie for Your Opinion!

Dear Readers, I’d really love your input so that I can make this blog more informative and provide the kind of information you really want to read. (After all, it does me no good to write if I don’t know what you’re hoping to find!) Following are a few questions that I have for you so I hope you’ll consider answering some or all of them in the form of an email to or by private message here at to me at “cocotbo”. All readers who respond by October 31, 2007, will be entered in a drawing to … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for July 23-July 27

Unfortunately, due to many dental issues this month, I haven’t paid as much attention to the Disney blog as I should. In an effort to correct that Michele Cheplic, our fantastic travel blogger is joining the Disney blog to help out and share some great stories she’s found on Disney theme parks, products and more – so be sure to check out her blogs. Monday, July 23 Have You Ever Purchased a Shopping Pass? A shopping pass is a great way to get into the park, pick up a few items and get your cash back for the pass if … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review July 2 – July 6

This was a busy week for many of us in the United States with the 4th of July landing squarely in the middle of the week. It was busy at Disney World and other Disney parks as they celebrated the 4th of July in a very Mickey fashion. It’s also a week where we saw the announcement of the vault opening to release the Jungle Book once more. So let’s take a look at our week in review. Monday, July 2 Disney & The Fractured Fairytale took a look at the upcoming Disney release: Enchanted. Enchanted will combine live action … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review June 24 – 29

What a great week it’s been for Disney with Walt being honored as an inspiration to another generation and the launching of Disney/Pixar’s Ratatouille in theaters nationwide yesterday. So let’s do a quick run down of the articles for this week: Saturday, June 24 Disney Announces Prince Caspian Fan Art Contest and there’s a few days left until the deadline on July 6th, so if you’re an artist, digital artist or graphic artist – here’s a chance to strut your stuff for Disney. Sunday, June 25 Walt Disney World Agrees to 3-Year Contract With Union which is good news for … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for May 28 – June 1

Welcome to the first week in review for the Disney blog for June. Can you believe that it’s already June? I can’t. But for many of us it’s summer vacation and summer often means a trip to somewhere. If you’re planning to go to Disney World this summer, you definitely want to check out the Disney blogs for this week. Monday, May 28 They’re Here – The Pirates Have Landed! and they brought quite a bit of plunder with them. Check out this article for a few tips on how the movie opens as a fair warning to parents interested … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for May 21 – May 25

This has been a crazy week and while we were running to wrap up the end of the school year for our daughter, we kept up our Disney vacation planning. So let’s take a look at our Disney Week in Review: Monday, May 21 Looking for A Little Inspiration From Walt Disney? Walt is a wonderful inspiration and innovator and his quotes reflect that. Tuesday, May 22 Are you over 60 and planning to take your grandkids to Disney World? Seniors Planning a Trip to Disney explores things you should know prior to getting there and overdoing it. Wednesday, May … Continue reading

Disney Blog Week in Review May 14 – May 18

Planning a trip to Disney some time soon? We love Disney World, Disney films and everything else Disney. Whether you are visiting Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland in Anaheim or Disney World in Orlando – there’s a little something Disney for everyone. This week, we took a look at a variety of different Disney items from where to meet the characters to the Disney travel on demand channel coming to your local Comcast station. Check out our week in review for ideas and more. Monday, May 14 In Disney World Planning & The Big Family we take a look … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review May 6 – May 12

We’re planning our next vacation to Disney World and as we ramp up our plans, I’ll be exploring more touring options, hotel stays and restaurant planning for your next stay at Disney World. But let’s take a quick look at our week in review in case you missed any articles for this second week in May. Sunday, May 6 Tokyo Disneyland Attractions (What’s Unique to the Japanese Park?) Disney offers a wonderful repertoire of attractions, but Tokyo has three specific attractions that you can’t find at the other Disney parks. Monday, May 7 New Jersey Comcast viewers were upset when … Continue reading