How to Book a Cheap Flight: Your Questions Answered

Booking a cheap flight can be confusing these days. You want to get the lowest price, but going about it can be confusing? Fortunately, a little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to cheap flights.. Now you can spend less but travel more with the following frugal flyer tips. Get all of your questions answered. What Is the Cheapest Month to Fly? To save money, you can plan your flights during the cheapest months of the year. Low cost flights are pretty consistent. For domestic travel within the country, choose the month of September to fly. The … Continue reading

Four Steps to Affording a Family Vacation

Affording a great family vacation may not be as far off as you think! Use the following four steps and start saving now. Here is how. Estimate Your Vacation Costs Take the time to sit down and do some research to determine exactly how much your family vacation is going to cost. Include air fare or travel expenses, lodging, food, souvenirs or other additional purchases, and tips. You can an idea of your travel costs by visiting travel websites, asking friends and family who have taken similar vacations, or calling a travel agent. Don’t forget to keep in mind your … Continue reading

How to Get Deals at Chain Restaurants

Chances are that the savvy family sitting at the next table is paying less for their meal than you are. Whether you opt for a family style restaurant at lunch or something a little more upscale for dinner, the following tips will work to save you money. Find out how to get the deals at your favorite chain restaurant. Be an Investigator of Great Deals Put your detective hat on and start sniffing out all of the little known offers, such as rock bottom prices on rotating deals, kids eat free nights, and promotional offers. Some restaurants will even offer … Continue reading

20 Ways to Get Free Entertainment

Free Entertainment is all around us. We just have to reach out for it. 1. Free movie rentals from Redbox. Search for “Redbox codes” online. You’ll get at least one free movie rental a week when using the Redbox video machines. 2. Free Lego Build Event. Each month Lego stores sponsor free building events for ages 6 through 14. Kids can build a new Lego model each month (this month it is a log cabin) and then take it home. 3. Free video games from the library. Chances are that your library is stocked with video games for current systems. … Continue reading

Seven Things to Get at the Library for Free

If you haven’t visited your local library in a while, you might want to plan a visit sometime soon. The library is a very different place than it was just ten years ago, thanks in part to current technology. Plus, with the economy, there is a new need for additional services, all of which most community libraries are trying to provide. They are doing a very good job of it, too. So get that library card out (or sign up for one) and start saving. Here are seven things that you can get at the library for free. • Free … Continue reading

Five Ways to Afford Video Games

Are your kids asking for the $70 Skylanders game or a new video gaming device that costs more than your first car did? Video games can get expensive, and because new and hot games are constantly emerging, and the old technology can become obsolete in a year or two, many parents feel like they are spending quite a bit of their budgets keeping their kids up to speed with video games. To reduce the cost of video games, try the following options. Consider an Older System The newer the gaming system or computer, the more it will cost. Consider purchasing … Continue reading

Don’t Eliminate the Entertainment Budget

Often, when times are economically tight, as they are now for most of us, the entertainment or fun budget is the first thing to go. Just because there is less money available, doesn’t mean that there has to be less fun. Do Put Something in the Budget for Entertainment Designate some amount for family fun, even if it is only limited to $20 a month or even less. Budgeting for entertainment sends the message that family fun is important, even when it isn’t expensive. If you create a zero-based family fun budget you may wind up indulging anyway, and blowing … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Family Portraits

Family portraits are a nice way to create lifelong memories, celebrate special occasions or craft a favorite holiday gift. You can capture your family moments without spending a ton of money. Whether you get photos of just the kids or the whole extended clan, use the following ways to save more and spend less on all of your family pictures. Portrait Studio Deals and Coupons You can get some good coupons and deals with the chain portrait studios, especially if you are a new customer. They want to get you in the door where you will hopefully love your photos … Continue reading

5 Free Family Activities You Can Do Today

Forget buying the latest video game or springing for a couple of hours at one of those indoor kids activity places. Instead, try one of the following free family activities that you can do today. Zero cost but lots of fun. 1. Go for a Hike…Literally Being outdoors in nature instantly calms you and raises your spirits. Studies have proven it over and over again. Plus kids really do thrive on fresh air and exercise. A hike, or even just a walk in the park, can be an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, it is free. Bonus … Continue reading

Five Ways to Get Amusement Park Discounts


Do you think that you have to pay hundreds of dollars to visit an amusement park? Well, sure, if you don’t know the secret to getting amusement park discounts. Combine the strategies that work best for you and save big when you have a fun family day at the park. Save the difference for souvenirs, lots and lots of souvenirs, another trip back again, or a trip somewhere else! End of Season Discounts The end of the summer or early fall may mean that you can score some great end of the season discounts at the amusement parks. As the … Continue reading