Budget Recipe: Taco Pasta

This budget recipe started out as a crockpot meal, Taco Bake, that I mentioned in one of my previous posts: Meal Planning When You are Busy. The recipe came from a slow cooker cookbook. I followed the directions exactly, with the exception of shortening the cooking time, but even that didn’t fully rescue the dish. While it was very flavorful, I found that the pasta did not hold up well in the crockpot with the other ingredients, becoming too mushy near the center and too hard and uncooked on the edges. I decided to keep the flavor (well enhance it … Continue reading

Freezer Pizza Dough

Make your own pizza dough, pop it in the freezer and have it available any time you like. The best part? You’ll be saving tons of money over the year in pizza costs, and with pizza dough from your freezer, you can make enough to cover everything from a busy weeknight meal to a kid’s birthday party. Now that is economical! Freezing this pizza dough recipe actually make the dough easier to work with, so you will make perfectly round pizzas with no tearing each time. You can also work the dough into a square pan or a rectangular jelly … Continue reading

Easy Weeknight Turkey Burgers

Make some yummy, juicy turkey burgers with very little effort for a great weekday meal on even the busiest days. While they are wonderful as is, to make them truly special, make your own burger buns using the very easy and very good Bread Machine Rolls recipe. You can follow the recipe exactly, which calls for a combination of bread flour and wheat flour, or just use all bread flour. This recipe makes 6 medium burgers. Ingredients: 1 1.3 pound package of ground turkey, preferably 85 percent lean 2 tablespoons of dry stuffing mix (another great recipe that uses ground turkey … Continue reading

Desperate Dinner in a Pinch Ideas

Need a dinner that is fast and cheap? Try the following suggestions on those nights when you just don’t have a meal planned, there is little food in the house, and you don’t want to eat out. Breakfast for Dinner In a pinch, breakfast for dinner can be a fun and fast way to get dinner on the table. Most of us have the ingredients right at hand, such as eggs, cheese, pancake mix, oatmeal, etc. You can also make pancakes from scratch with flour, sugar, baking soda and other basic ingredients. If you keep some frozen breakfast meat in … Continue reading

Last Minute Superbowl Food for Less Than $10!

It was such a busy weekend. I didn’t even have time to put anything into the crockpot or even defrost some chicken. As a result, dinner time was fast approaching and there was nothing on the table. What makes it worse is that it is Superbowl Sunday! Ack! Here are some of my favorite ways to use prepared food for last minute cooking and still save money. Rotisserie Chicken Around here, an already cooked rotisserie chicken will run you about $7.99. Ouch, right? Still, it beats take out at $25-$40 (the prices in my area to feed our family of … Continue reading

How to Make Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza, or Pizza on the Grill is a popular meal to make, especially for parties or fun gatherings. Grilled pizza is also one dish that is easy for kids to help with, making it even more appealing. It isn’t as hard as you might think, but there are some tips and techniques that you can follow to ensure that your grilled pizza is perfect. First you will need a grill. Gas is a little easier to work with than charcoal, because it is easier to regulate the temperature, but don’t worry, you can get some great grilled pizza using … Continue reading

Homemade GoGurts

My kids love those little portable yogurt tubes known as GoGurt (on the go yogurt) and usually beg for some whenever we are in the grocery store. I very rarely buy them, though, for a couple of reasons. The first is that they tend to be loaded with artificial flavors, artificial colors and an abundance of sugar. The second is that they tend to be expensive. As I said, I do occasionally buy the GoGurts, but only if coupons and sales bring the price down to almost free and the kids have been eating healthy that week. As it happens, … Continue reading

Something to Do with Pancake Batter (Besides Pancakes)

It so happens that I lucked out with getting some pancake mix for practically nothing. There I was in the store, checking the clearance food cart during my normal shopping trip when I spotted several boxes of dry pancake mix. There was nothing wrong with the mix, with the exception of the fact that the boxes were all dented on the corners. This meant that the store slashed the pricing in order to sell the product, since no one will pick up a dented box of pancake mix and expect to pay full price, apparently. Normally, I mix up my … Continue reading

Ideas for Leftover Bread

Don’t throw that bread away! There are so many wonderful ideas to use it up into wonderful dishes. Whether you want breakfast or dinner, a snack or a treat, leftover bread can be made into food either savory or sweet. Here are some ideas that you can use when you have some leftover bread around. Classics There are some definite classic uses for leftover bread. In fact, these dishes actually are improved if the bread is stale. One of the best known uses for leftover bread is french toast. This is such a hit in our house that I intentionally … Continue reading

Ways to Save Money on Shopping

The most effective way to save money on your shopping is to shop less often. The more you go the more you will spend. If you go once a month for groceries you will spend less than if you go every week.You can do it, you just need to be organized. Obviously with certain items like milk and fruit and vegetables this is not practical, unless you opt for long life milk or powdered milked instead of fresh. This is what I do as I am the only one in the house that uses milk and I only use such … Continue reading