Homemade Hostess Cupcakes

Who could resist Hostess Cupcakes with their curly swirls of bitable icing over rich chocolate frosting that covers the deep chocolate cake that hides the gooey creamy filling? Don’t you want to just take a bite out of them right now? Sigh. Let’s take away both the guilt (well, a little of the guilt) and the expensive prices on eBay and make some homemade Hostess Cupcakes. You’ll eliminate the preservatives and be known as the best baker on the block. I have to tell you that this post required a lot of hard research. I had to make sure that … Continue reading

How to Make Jar Cakes

These perfect little cakes in a jar are just right for gifting. This clever idea makes a pretty present. Of course, we won’t tell if you keep one or two for yourself. The idea of a jar cake is to bake a little cake inside a jar. I admit that these aren’t the easiest to eat, since you have to sort of dig at the cake, but they are very pretty and will keep well on a shelf for a long time. This makes them ideal for gifts, especially ones that you mail, provided that you pad the glass jars … Continue reading

Lemon Seed Cake

Angela started me thinking about lemon recipes, especially given my post on the home blog today. Like Angela I am a big fan of lemons in just about anything, so I thought I’d share with you another favorite lemon recipe. This cake has a slightly unusual combination but it’s one I’ve found people really like, mainly because it’s something a bit different. It doesn’t need icing or frosting, as it has syrup poured over it. Of course as usual, this is a gluten free version. So if you are not gluten free, then simply substitute the self raising gluten free … Continue reading

My Cute Cake Adventures

When spring comes, I typically don’t start thinking about growing things in the garden, but rather creating things in the kitchen, specifically cakes. We have a lot of birthdays in the spring and summer in this family, and everyone expects a special cake. Sometimes there are requests attached to the cakes, such as a pirate ship or a princess castle. Other times it is simply to make a “cool” cake. Sometimes these cakes are requested not for birthdays but for other family get together. There is really only two requirements for these cakes. The first is that I must be … Continue reading

Gluten Free Christmas Cakes

Have you made your Christmas cake yet? I know some people who have. Somehow I’ve never got around to it. I’m usually one who makes it in the last week. Of course the other reason is I adore fruit cake so the less time it is around the better. This is my sort of recipe, because it is so easy. It’s an all in together recipe that came from a dear friend who invariably caters to me, her gluten free friend. Thanks, my friend. Gluten Free Fruit Cake 2 generous cups Gluten Free S R Flour 2 cups of Mixed … Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Milk Chocolate Masterpieces for Valentine’s Day

What did you ask your sweetie to get you this Valentine’s Day? Diamonds? A romantic dinner for two? A massage? Since requests aren’t always granted (depending on the particular sweetie involved), you might want to brace yourself for a bar (okay, a box) of chocolates and a pat on the back. If you are lucky, your honey will honor you with a slice of Emeril Lagasse’s Milk Chocolate Cheesecake. If you are really lucky, you won’t have to make it yourself. Either way, the recipe is provided below along with the directions for mouthwatering milk chocolate cookies sealed with a … Continue reading

How to Have a Chocolate Covered Christmas

If you cooked a Thanksgiving feast fit for an army of guests, then you probably aren’t looking forward to going back into the kitchen any time soon. Unfortunately, your break probably won’t be very long given that Christmas is right around the corner. To kick off the FOOD blog’s “Countdown to Christmas” series I’m highlighting an ingredient that most people can’t resist indulging in during the holiday season—chocolate. Personally, there’s no better incentive to get me back in the kitchen than whipping up delectable coca-filled treats. If you are working on your holiday menu, consider the following fabulously rich chocolate … Continue reading

Celebrate Election Day with Cake

Why not? Our ancestors did for centuries. According to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), back in the 1800’s voters had to travel great distances to get to polling places. When they finally arrived they were welcomed with a slice of cake. Back then Election Day Cake was a 10-pound (plus) fruitcake made with yeast and whole wheat flour. These days the same cake probably wouldn’t be considered a treat, though that hasn’t stopped the CIA from coming up with a similar recipe for this year’s election. Their version (see recipe below) is a healthy bundt cake, which includes dried … Continue reading

Turning Leftover Halloween Candy into Culinary Masterpieces

It was a Halloween for the history books at my parent’s house this year. For the first time since they became homeowners (decades ago), my mom and dad had less than a dozen trick-or-treaters come to their door. The topic dominated our telephone conversation last night. My mom was in utter shock. She couldn’t figure out why the kids were not out in full force this year, but even more disturbing to my mom, was the dilemma of being stuck with five huge bags of Halloween candy. We bounced around a few ideas, including making the following recipes. I have … Continue reading

Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

Instead of taking your leftover Halloween candy into the office to join the other 15 pounds of chocolate that came from other co-workers with the same idea, consider these decadent recipes. Both features popular Halloween candy, but instead of eating the sweet treats straight up, you’ll feast on them in spectacularly delicious cakes that I can assure you will be gobbled up a lot faster by your colleagues than stale candy strewn around the break room. CHOCOLATE TOFFEE CAKE Ingredients: 2 cups brown sugar 2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 cup butter 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 egg … Continue reading