Frugal Ways to Entertain Your Kids this Summer

Summer vacation is a time that most children excitedly look forward to. It is easy to see why. They get a whole lot of free time! Parents are going to need some frugal ideas for fun activities that will entertain their children. Here are a few ideas to try. Bubbles Little kids cannot get enough of bubbles! You can pick up small bottles of bubbles, complete with bubble wand, from a dollar store. Check the dollar racks at Target, too. Parents can sit down outdoors and blow bubbles that their toddlers will chase. Older kids can blow bubbles on their … Continue reading

Frugal Tips for Summer Activities

Summer vacation is a great time for families to go out and do things together. Visiting amusement parks, dining out, and staying in hotels can end up costing a lot of money. Travel expenses can quickly add up, too. Here are some frugal tips that will help your family enjoy summer vacation without having to go into a lot of debt. Pack some snacks. Make use of your child’s lunchbox this summer. It is the perfect container for easy to eat snacks that your family can bring along on car trips. Instead of stopping the car at the nearest fast … Continue reading

Is The Free Resort Stay Worth It?

Lately, I have been getting a lot of mail offering me invitations to stay for free at one resort or another. The invitations promise that I could invite my spouse and any children that we have. In exchange for a night or two or three at a fabulous resort, all I have to do is to sit in on a meeting. Well, of course you may know what theses offers really are, attempts to sell vacation time shares. The meeting may last up to a half a day, and I could be subjected to many different sales techniques in order … Continue reading

Lunch and a Movie and a Dinner, Too

On Saturday, we got to experience something my kids had been looking forward to for weeks: the second Despicable Me movie. My youngest choose it as his birthday outing. Normally, we let them choose between going out to eat or going to a movie. Nine times out of ten, they choose the movie. We had planned, as we usually do, to take in the movie at the local movie theater for the matinée showing, which is the least expensive way to do it. Instead, though a misunderstanding with some friends, we wound up driving 45 minutes away to a movie … Continue reading

Another Source of Free Events!

If you want more free activities to do with the kids than you could possible fit in this summer, use this free source. pick up a free copy of your own local regional parenting magazine. Regional parenting magazines are geared for parents and caregivers, and they are filled with lots of helpful articles that deal with all sorts of subjects, from breakthroughs in healthcare to recommendations about the best learning toys. I should know. I often write articles for regional parenting magazines, and I interview top experts in their chosen fields. There really is a lot of great information for … Continue reading

Spending Less at the Amusement Park

Last summer, in one big end-of-summer foray, we took the kids on a number of day trips. The “What I did over the summer…” essays would be due soon, and that gave us some parental guilt. While we did have fun, there was nothing big for them to write about, so off we went to make some memories. One of the kids favorite things to do was to visit a large amusement park. They had a lot of fun and still haven’t stop talking about it. Since it was such a great experience, we are going to put it on … Continue reading

Our Day of Free Fun

Because we are on a limited budget, it sometimes takes a bit of creativity to have low-cost fun, and free is even better. Today was a good summer day in the free department for the kids. After an early morning dentist appointment (free, but not necessarily fun), we headed over to our local library for their Tuesday morning program. Today, the kids got to make their own bubble solution and wands and also experience making giant bubbles. We went home with the wands and a recipe to make our own giant bubble solution. We took advantage of the trip to … Continue reading

Free Boredom Busters for Summer

Monday was the last day of school for our kids, and they “escaped” school, eager for some fun. While their friends all headed off the camp the very next day, it was left to me to make sure that each day had some new adventure planned, all while keeping house and working from home. Fortunately, there are a lot of great resources to help me. Our local community, for example, provides a number of free and low-cost activities. On Tuesday, the kids learned about cave painting and created their own art through a library program, and they also got to … Continue reading

A List of Free Summer Movies

One way to keep the family entertained this summer is through free movies at the movie theater. We already talked about Regal Cinema’s $1 movies for families on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Now I have discovered more movie theaters that are participating in summer movie programs. Best of all, these movies are free, no $1 per person needed! Many of the theaters offering the free programs are regional, so they may only be available in a few states, while others are national. Regardless, they all have websites with details about the programs, so you can quickly see if there is a … Continue reading

Inexpensive Welcome to Summer Ideas

Today is the last day of school for my two older children. I have some interesting things planned for them (insert evil cackle here). All of these things are free or inexpensive, but I hope they make a big impact in welcoming my kids home, to roughly two months of warm summer days of fun. My kindergartener just got up from bed. He has been out of school since last week and already getting quite used to sleeping in. He will be my partner in crime today, helping me to set up and execute our welcome to summer projects. First, … Continue reading