What Did Your Parents Eat?

A fun way to explore what life was like for your American ancestors over the past century or so is to learn about the foods that they ate. I like food a lot, and I often wonder about such food – related topics like what my parents ate when they were growing up. My parents were born in the late 1940’s, and today I decided to look around and see what I could learn about what might have been on the table in their homes back then. One of the first things that I learned about food in the Forties … Continue reading

Family History – it’s not All About the Research

The holidays are a time when you may be able to see relatives whom you do not get to see frequently. Of course, that is a wonderful thing. As a genealogist, you may be tempted to try to get as much information as you can during the visits. You might even make an action plan of what you want to discuss and with whom. I have discovered that unless there is some pressing research that you absolutely must do, those research questions and plans can be saved for email or telephone exchanges, or even writing letters. Holiday visits are a … Continue reading

Find Genealogy Gifts Online

If you are looking for a gift for the good little genealogist on your list, you might want to check out the following sites which offer gifts for genealogists. If you have been a good little genealogist, you might even want to consider picking something up for yourself if your holiday budget allows. Genealogy Fun Stuff at petersenprints.com is an online genealogy store which has great genealogy supplies as well as plenty of giftable items. Whether you want to help someone get started with genealogy with something like a book or a research binder, or give a gift that is … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Is For Family Fun

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and that means family time. For the genealogist in the family, it is a great time to hear family stories, both new and old, get the group together for some family photographs, and as always, listen for new family history facts that you can include in your research. You are probably even going to enjoy some of your family’s favorite recipes. This Thanksgiving, our Thanksgiving table will have something on it that is not usually a part of our menu. Because of where Thanksgiving ended up on the calendar this year, my son’s birthday cake will be … Continue reading

Will You Attend the Family Story Slam?

The very first Story@Home conference included a Story Slam. The second annual Story@Home will take place in Feburary of 2013, and it will have a Family Story Slam. Are you going to participate? It sounds like it will be exciting, fun, and amusing. Story@Home is a conference that focuses on story. It is an excellent resource for genealogists who want to learn how to incorporate their family history into their genealogy research. You can learn how to preserve family stories from the past, and how storytelling helps to connect living family members. The second annual Story@Home conference will take place … Continue reading

What to Expect on Day Two at Story@Home 2013

Are you going to attend the Story@Home 2013 conference? You can buy a ticket that will give you access to both days of the conference. Or, you can buy a ticket for just one day. Which day will you choose? Here is some information about what to expect on Day Two of Story@Home 2012. This should help you decide. Story@Home is an annual conference. It is designed to teach genealogists how to collect their family stories, how to preserve them, and how to share them with others. You can learn how to incorporate your family history into your genealogy research. … Continue reading

What to Expect on Day One at Story@Home 2013

The Story@Home conference will take place in February of 2013. Genealogists can choose to purchase a ticket that will give them access to both days of the conference. Or, they can buy a ticket for just one day. Which day should you choose? Here is some information about what to expect from Day One of Story@Home 2013. Story@Home is an annual conference that is going to have its second year in 2013. It is a conference that gives genealogists a lot of good information about how to incorporate family history into their genealogy research. It provides a natural way to … Continue reading

Get Ready for Story@Home 2013!

Have you heard of the Story@Home conference? The very first one was held in March of 2012. It seems to have done well enough to become an annual event. Story@Home 2013 will happen in February of 2013. Are you going to attend? The Story@Home conference, as you may have guessed from the name, is all about story. The conference gives genealogists a lot of good information about how to incorporate family history into their genealogy research. The conference is going to be hosted by FamilySearch, one of the most popular genealogy websites. They hosted the first Story@Home conference. FamilySearch, as … Continue reading

Who Was the First President Your Relatives Voted For?

You’ve gone through the process of creating your own Genealogy Blog. Now, you must find a way to fill it with interesting content. This is an election year. That’s a good reason to discover who were the very first presidential candidates that your relatives voted for. I am writing this blog a few hours after the second 2012 Presidential debate. One of the biggest issues in this election cycle is, without a doubt, health care. This issue can be shortened into two sentences. The Democrats want to continue the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care … Continue reading

Ancestry.com Connects Facebook to Your Family Tree

Ancestry.com just announced a brand new feature. It is one that can only be used if you have a Facebook account. Use the feature and it will sort through Facebook and look for relatives that you can add to your family tree. The family tree exists on Facebook and links to your Ancestry.com account. Does anyone else see the problems with this? Ancestry.com has a post on their blog that gives many details about a brand new feature. It’s a rather exclusive feature. To use it, you must have an Ancestry.com membership and a Facebook account. If you have both … Continue reading