CDC Provides Guidance for Visiting Beaches and Pools

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide guidance for unvaccinated people who are visiting beaches and pools. This information was updated on February 19, 2021. According to the CDC, the COVID-19 virus is thought to spread mostly person-to-person, by respiratory droplets released when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. The virus might also spread to hands from a contaminated surface and then to the nose, mouth, or possibly eyes. Infected people can spread the virus whether … Continue reading

Normal Body Weight Can Hide Eating Disorders

A study led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of California-San Francisco found that teens and young adults with atypical anorexia can have normal body weights and still be dangerously ill. The research is the largest, most comprehensive assessment to date of normal-weight adolescents with atypical anorexia. Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by weight loss (or lack of appropriate weight gain in growing children); difficulties maintaining an appropriate body weight for height, age, and stature; and, in many individuals, disordered body image. People with anorexia generally restrict the number of calories and … Continue reading

The Dirty Diaper and Your Child’s Health

According to a New York Times article, “In a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers led by Anita Kozyrskyj found that babies born by C-Section vaginally, and that infants who were breast-fed had a different recipe of bacteria in their guts than those who were given formula.” And when it comes to health, specifically digestive heath and the immune system, it is the bacteria, or bugs, that count. Studies have long shown that children who have been delivered by C-Section have greater risks of certain illnesses, such as asthma, diabetes and obesity, as do children who were … Continue reading

The Link Between Housework and a Woman’s Figure

A new study published this month is showing that women, whether they work outside the home or not, are burning fewer calories on a daily basis, and the reason seems to be housework, or the lack of it. The comparisons are being made between women in 1965 and women in 2010. It found that women who do not work outside the home burned, on average, 360 fewer calories per day compared to their 1965 counterparts. Women working outside of the home were burning about 132 fewer calories in 2010 than their counterparts did in 1965. In 1965, the average at-home … Continue reading

CDC Warns Against Leafy Greens, Poultry, and Dairy

It sounds crazy, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a statement about leafy greens, poultry, and dairy after a recent study and it ain’t good. For a ten-year period, between 1998 and 2008, leafy green such as kale, lettuce, and spinach were the leading causes of food-borne illnesses in the United States.  But, it was dairy products that lead to the most hospitalizations.  And, poultry – well, that led to the most deaths. Now, the CDC didn’t release this info to scare you (although it did me!).  Patricia Griffin, a food-borne disease expert with the … Continue reading

Medical Residents Need More Sleep!

I work at a health science center and deal directly with medical residents.  I update web pages for them and when I meet with them face-to-face, they are usually bright and alert.  But, it may not be the case of the majority of residents. I know from updating some of our web pages that there are rules in place to make sure residents get enough time off to rest.  I mean, they are only human, right?  Well, some seem to be superhuman, or at least think they are and that may be a problem. In 2003, the Accreditation Council for … Continue reading

Can Caffeine Harm You?

I just put up a Green blog about natural energy drinks. My husband is an energy drink junkie, but I’ve never seen the appeal. Plus, if I have too much caffeine, my heart flutters and that’s no fun. But, can energy drinks be harmful to you? The Food and Drug Administration did an investigation into Monster energy drinks after five deaths were believed to be linked to them. The investigation comes on the heels of a lawsuit filed by the mother of a 14-year-old girl who died after drinking two Monster drinks within 24 hours. Her autopsy showed a caffeine … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Recall

Have you recently purchased peanut butter or other nut or nut butter products from Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop or Giant Foods? Products sold at these stores, among others are under a recall for tainted food that may contain salmonella. Products such as Trader Joe’s Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter and Archer Farms Peanut Butter are among others that have been linked to salmonella illnesses. They are all made by a company called Sunland Inc. The recall has now expanded from peanut butter to include cashew butters, tahini and blanched and roasted peanut products. The federal Center … Continue reading

Mom Gene Found?

Are some women just meant to have children? According to research coming out of Rockefeller Center, there may be some biological evidence that some of us are born with an overwhelming need to mother, and some of us aren’t. And while all of us could be wonderful, nurturing mothers, not all of us “need” to be. Apparently, the study shows evidence for the existence of a “mom” gene. It is important to note that the study was done with female mice, not female humans. I would like to think that we might be a little more complicated than rodents, although … Continue reading

Top Health Stories for August 30, 2012

Sometimes it is great to get an idea of what is new in the issues that effect our health. Today, I decided I would put a summary together of the most significant health stories out there today. Scientists Link Rosacea to Tiny Mites Living on the Face Scientists now think they know definitively what causes rosacea, a skin condition with symptoms that include redness and inflammation, bumps and broken blood vessels on the face. Apparently, these mites live in the sebaceous (oil) glands during the day and come out to crawl on our faces at night. Bacteria that live in … Continue reading