Primary Power

My sweet daughter participated in her first primary program this past week. Lovely. I was so excited. She is such a sweet little girl, and being a Sunbeam is a special time. They are just so excited about everything, and not jaded. You know, like the older 10-year-old girls who are just itching to get to Young Women. But, that is a long way away, so luckily, I can just focus on the present and enjoying her excitement for participating in her first program. But, I was shocked when she was given her part. It was 3 lines!!! Doesn’t that … Continue reading

Skyping the Prayer

Through my posts, I guess people will learn more about me and my family. We are a fun group. My Mom is a convert to the Mormon church, and my Dad’s family joined when he was around 8 years old. I have a lot of members of my family that are not LDS. I grew up in Texas. I’m proud of that fact. But, I married a good old Utah boy and have family spread out all across the United States. I have grown to love Utah myself. We just recently moved back after being away about 5 years, and … Continue reading

A Friend and Foe at Church

I remember sitting in Relief Society one of my first weeks in my ward and spying one of the most beautiful children ever. Really, they’re a family of beautiful children, but my baby-loving eyes rested on the youngest of this tow-headed family. She had impressively white hair and the most beautiful big brown eyes, which stood out on her clear little face. I was sitting next to her mom that day, so I started making silly faces and trying to win her affection. It kind of worked, to her mom’s surprise. Of course, that won me over completely. This little … Continue reading

Reason #47 Why I’m Grateful for Marriage

Tonight, I came home late, my arms bulging with sacks of groceries. The hugest, giantest flying beetle followed me into the house, and before I’d even set anything down, started to dive bomb me. He flew around my head, bounced off my forehead, buzzed in my ears, and I was sure I could see a little man riding on his back, wielding a spear. I set the groceries down and grabbed the broom, figuring I might be able to flick the beast out the open front door. My aim is not so good when fear is coursing through my veins. … Continue reading

Sacrament Meeting Sign Language

My husband and I have a good relationship, but we’re not one of those couples who can read each other’s minds. I’ve heard of couples who can just glance at each other and know what the other wants them to do, and that would be nice, wouldn’t it? But in my marriage, it’s just not a reality. Right now, we’re working on one aspect of our communication, which is sacrament meeting sign language. We’re like most families—he sits on one end of the row to keep children from escaping out that end, I sit on the other end for the … Continue reading

You Know You Are a Blogger When . . .

Let’s face it, we all like to blog. And those of us who don’t yet blog are just bloggers in embryo – sooner or later, you, too, will be infected. After all, it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, and share ideas. But it can go a bit too far. Here are some of the warning signs: You know you’re a blogger when everything you hear sounds like a blog topic to you. From an overheard conversation in a grocery store that becomes a blog about the importance of price checking, to a comment your … Continue reading

The Great Pajama Adventure

Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention. I know this because I have four very inventive children and I, as their mother, have done a great many things out of necessity to keep them alive and me sane. Take, for instance, what I did last night. My three-year-old is the most darling little toddler boy you’ll ever meet. I can give you a money-back guarantee on that. He’s also the most mischievous, monkey-like little boy on the planet. (I think God makes the most rascally little boys also the cutest ones – it saves their lives.) Lately, he’s gotten in … Continue reading

The Sock Fairy

You’ve heard of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny, the Sandman, Santa Claus? Well, there’s a new mythical being on the block – the Sock Fairy. By night, she sneaks into bedrooms and places new socks in the drawers. By day, she sorts the laundry and throws the old socks away. If she’s really on the ball, she’ll get distinctive socks for each member of the family so everyone knows whose socks are whose. Mothers do a great many thankless jobs. I guess I’m lucky—I do get thanked for the thankless jobs. Sometimes my husband even brings me Ben and … Continue reading

Preparation Procrastination

If you have ever been a teacher or spoken in church, you realize the importance of preparation. Ideally this should happen several days before your lesson, or at least the day before. Here are the top ten signs that you may be suffering from a severe case of preparation procrastination. 10) You ask your children to be quiet and have your spouse drive to church as look over your notes to pull everything together. You took the notes that morning while eating breakfast. 9) You spend your time in Sacrament meeting coloring and cutting out the handouts for this week’s … Continue reading

Top 10 Signs Someone Has Just Come Off a Mission

Every member ought to be a missionary, but face it, those who have just returned from their missions really stand out. Here are just a few clues that the person you met at church has just been released from serving a full time mission. 1. In every activity, from ward car washes to cleaning up a park, they show up in their Sunday best. Suits and ties for the men, full length dresses and hose for the women – even on the hottest summer day! 2. You ask them what their name is and they introduce themselves as Elder or … Continue reading